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I’ve been working on some survival supplements for 5e…

Content of the article: "I’ve been working on some survival supplements for 5e…"

Previous feedback from my group has been less than positive, and I’m hoping the community can chime in and let me know if it’s too contrived. The whole point of the module is to enhance realism, and implement some strategy into character creation and team dynamic, but maybe it is a little too bloated and complex to be fun, or maybe an established group used to 5e just would naturally be opposed to change. Let me know what you think.

  1. You start the game with little or no money and no starting equipment, not even a basic weapon. You’ll pick up gear as you go (first session begins with a prison break).

  2. You must drink a full water skin each day, and eat at least one meal per day to stave off exhaustion the next day; go 3 days without water, or 5 days without food, death.

  3. No resurrections this time: the spell works but your soul leaves your body after death, all that’s left is a husk of a lifeless corpse.

  4. Long rests are impossible without shelter. A ranger or druid can attempt render an area of the wilderness campsite, otherwise only a short rest will be available in shifts. Three days without a long rest subjects a point of exhaustion the following morning.

  5. Encumbrance is capped at 75 lbs (which is a reasonable weight to haul when traveling by foot). You can carry more, but your speed will be halved and it will take a full action to doff your pack in combat to restore it. (Weapons, armor and currency count against carry weight).

  6. Players have limited weapon slots. 1 heavy (or polearm, spear, javelin, quarterstaff, etc) on the back, 1 ranged on the back, 2 martial or simple on the waist, 2 light on the thighs; players are limited to a single quiver of arrows or pack of shot.

  7. Egregious wounds: There is a 1:10 chance that a wound will result in dismemberment, bleeding, bruising or other horrible injury. A critical hit always delivers one of these wounds, and it cuts both ways.

  8. (And probably the most hated element) Players must use the standard array for attributes (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8).

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