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I’ve just had my first One-Shot as a DM and it was a blast!

Content of the article: "I’ve just had my first One-Shot as a DM and it was a blast!"

Hello guys, this isn't a question but rather a post to share my excitement (if this is against the rules feel free to delete this post). Last week I've had my first session as a DM after years of being player. Not gonna lie, I was hella nervous at first and thought that I wasn't prepared enough, that my players won't like my world or that my acting/NPCs will feel bad/weird. It is suffice to say that the players loved it! It went so far that one player even asked if we could play a campaign in my world which was the best compliment I could get honestly. It started with the players being townsguard in a small town in the Kingdom of Al'Une. After coming into the tavern after a small job (which happened before the session started in-world) the players introduced themselves, described their characters and just kind of chilled. Suddenly BOOOOOM a huge explosion in the market square. The players rushed to help and started fighting two hellhounds and two fire snakes (the one shot was held at Level 5). I've had my story written and now I understand when DMs say stuff like "my players did something I didn't account for". I've had built a map for the city since I like visual representation. On that city map there was a guard tower since I thought it's logical for a town to have guard posts. I didn't think much of it when I put it there aside from aesthatic purposes but one player investigated it. He asked if there was a guard and since I couldn't come up with one fast enough I said "the tower is eerily empty". He went back and all of the party suddenly was like "What? What if this was an inside Job? Let's rush to the captian." From this point on I thought yeah, why not give them what they want and threw the whole script abroad. The session turned into an investigation where they caught one of the culprits, questioned him and had a lot of fun. All of this because of one aesthatically put guard post. They players didn't suspect a thing which made me very happy. Unfortunately we had to make a cut at this point since we went way over time limit but all of the players were really satisfied and so was I. Honestly I'm thinking about starting my own campaign since preparation but also improv was just so much fun.

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Yeah that's basically the post, just wanted to state how happy I was that I was able to overcome my nervousness. I was a long time lurker in this sub reading tipps, tricks and posts since DMing was always something I wanted to try. I'm very glad I did. For anyone reading this thinking about DMing themselves: Just try it. Start with something small like a one-shot like I did and build a campaign out of it if you liked it or play a module afterwards.

Have a great day to everyone reading this!

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