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Just DM’d for the first time… Homebrew One shot. Looking for advice on where to go next…

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First time DMing and i wrote a 1 shot for 5 lvl 6 characters.

The one shot started with flavour text 'hunting a drow who has been abducting villagers/adventurers'

They camp for the night and wake up cocooned in a spiders lair. After breaking free they find a young drow girl in the room.

The father is forced to collect surface dwellers for the matron mother (his wife who is now a drider) trying to get back into Lolths favour.

He has different plans as he wants more for their daughtee. Eilistraee promised that 'these adventurers can help him' which is why he lured them in.

Dad ends up being turned into a drider due to his 'insolence' but is able to break free from control after a few good rolls.

I was able to knock out 2 of the PCs in the last fight (1 of them twice). They killed the mother drider, rescuing the dad and daughter. Outside the cave, away from Lolths influence, they meet Eilistraee who turns the dad back to humanoid form and they live happily ever after.

People were laughing and rolling so i think they enjoyed themselves.

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The question…

Now i've run a 'successful' one shot, i want to try and run a longer campaign. I have time to plan… i am debating between homebrew or premade from a book. I find it difficult to read the books and translate it into a campaign which is why i was leaning towards a homebrew. I was wondering if anyone would share what their 'first chapter' campaign planning looks like or if you could suggest how to really use a premade like say 'Princes of the Apocalypse' or how you translate the books into an actual game?

I want their character's backstory and goals to be heavily intertwined with the story as well. Should i have them make characters and tell me their backstory/goals or should i give them some context into the world etc first then make it with them?

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