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Just finished a lvl 2-20 campaign 3 years in the making. One of my players has been writing journal entries the whole time. This is her last.

It's morning…I think it's morning. We've been here a while and for most of it, I couldn't sleep. This is the end of all. If we don't survive this, nothing will survive. But yet, I have hope we will do what we came here to do. I think of the children, my sisters, my father, my mother, our friends. I sit in quiet contemplation as everything moves around me. Ivy is quiet, Zabrim watching Jamila as she plans, Calsung is always hard to read I am sure he is thinking as I do of what will happen next. Samantha…I used to envy her. I envied everything about her, now, I envy her resolve. She isn't afraid. But I am. I will never say it, but if this doesn't work, I lose them all. I have made my peace, yet, I'm afraid. But I am Bint Efreet. I will stand and I will fight and we will win. If we fail, I will make sure we win. We have prepared with the help of a strange green-dressed man and make our way back into the city of brass. I wish I would have seen it before all this happened. I'm sure it was brilliant. If this is the time for me to die, I am glad to die where my family was born. On my grandfather's land. A moment of hesitation as I try to maintain my aloof mask. Words from Jamila have made our stand more desperate than I could have imagined. He will die if I am not mindful of his every move. There is no time to think on this, however, as Grouse has made himself known. All this for love, all this for order, all this for what? For a moment of rage? This creature may have loved Jamila, but he did not understand her. She was lost, a causality I did not plan for. I will ask for forgiveness when this is over. Now, this Grouse, this Grogg, this monstrosity of order will fall. We will not lose here. I will have to thank Syf. She saved my sister from herself. I realized too late what she was going to do. Calsung…dear Calsung, the bravest of us all. Stood above the giant squiggly brain and fearlessly worked to destroy it. We fought Grouse…no…Zariel long enough to give Calsung the time he needed. His hatred for me is confusing. I have done nothing to him. I will use this anger to keep his focus, this is the only way we can take him. This was done, Ivy, giving the final blow. But anger does not die quietly and I will not allow another of us to die! To the green Zariel. No hesitation, we gave him to the green. Calsung is a god in his right. He alone destroyed the giant squiggly brain. Unfortunately, Tiamat went with it. I feel. I feel conflicted. I should hate her, but she was the only mother I had. I can't imagine how Samantha feels. A moment to breathe as we all look at the aftermath of what we fought. The destruction of my father's home, yet we're all safe. The hesitation I feel about what I must do next is palpable. I will have to tell Marake Al-Sadan Al-Harik-bin Lazan that we succeeded…Jamila was lost. I don't know what to do now. My grandfather, in his mourning, his agony says he can fix it. I want him to think of what he's about to do. I fear the change he will have to make to complete his wish. Yet, we join him. We stand with him on an altar of his making and give him our wish. I see him no more. I no longer hear the voices of my mother, my father, Samantha, Calsung. All I see is Ivy. But he's gone now too. I wake the world exists. It was a dream. The vastness of the outside greets me, the little boy I pine over, greets me. But I feel lost. I am no longer Yaluet Bint Efreet, but still. On the wind, I hear one word…Dhahabia.


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