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Just had something uncomfortable happen in my campaign.

Content of the article: "Just had something uncomfortable happen in my campaign."

So, I'm running a long-term campaign. The party is mostly on the chaotic-neutral side of things, but some of their actions veer into "evil" territory. However, there is a single lawful good paladin… And you probably know where this is heading.

Anyway, the party is sheltering a man that is currently wanted by the city. He is wanted for open worship of an unorthodox deity, so nothing that has actively harmed anybody. However, another member of the party got in trouble with the city watch and the party were discussing whether they could barter the wanted man for immunity for their party member.

Here's the snag: the wanted man knows about the party's illegal activity. So, the party figures, we have to hand him over dead or else he'll rat them out. They take a vote between killing the man and letting him live and the "kills" win out.

This is an absolute no-go for the paladin, who adamantly refuses to allow the party to kill the man. After about 45 minutes of real time arguing, the paladin tries to sneak into the man's room and warn him, but is caught by the party's ranger. Things like this have happened before, with the paladin going against the party's wishes to keep his morality in tact. But, because it has happened before, some of the party are getting frustrated and saying that there's no reason for them to reach a consensus because the paladin will do whatever he wants anyway.Then, while the paladin and ranger are arguing about the paladin not going along with the vote, the rogue sneaks into the man's room and kills him.

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At this point, some of the players are getting legitimately upset, so I call the session there and try to have a discussion out of character about how to proceed. We eventually settle that the paladin will leave the party, and the paladin's player will make a new character that is more in line with the party as a whole. Still, everybody is upset, the paladin's player is upset that there's no way for him to play that character anymore and the rogue player feels so guilty that he thinks he should stop playing altogether.

I had a session zero, everybody basically agreed back then that they were interested in trying to be good in a world with difficult/grey choices, but the majority of the party seems to have shifted over time towards "we protect the party above all else." Also, I should note, this is everyone's first campaign (besides me as DM), and we've been playing for about 8 months now.

So, my question is… What went wrong?

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