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Just imprisoned my players

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TLDR: About two weeks ago I wrapped up the introductory chapter of my campaign by imprisoning my players.

To make a long story short, my group has decided to share the both burden and honor of being the DM across a few of us. In order to do this and keep a consistent campaign that we can all keep up with, we decided to break our respective campaigns into “chapters” and once one of us finishes we start another the next time we play.

I needed time to worldbuild a bit more and get ready for a change of pace for my campaign that I’ve been running since March. I jumped in too quick and have been racing against my party to create the world as they go thru it. So, I came up with this chapter idea and talked a few of my players into sharing the DM role so I could gain the time needed to develop. They accepted the task and heres how I ended my chapter…

The party decided to join an expansion of the kingdom into unknown territory to the west. They had three choices of what direction to go once to the west of the kingdom: north, south or to the western coast. They chose to continue west since the terrain and climate was familiar and they expected it to be easy money.

Well, they get to the edge of the land and they are chased into a forest by a Roc and run into a little elven girl who begs for their aid. Her small village deep in the wood has been taken over by “bad men” and her mother just recently taken captive. My party quickly accepts the task and easily defeats the threat at the village. But, the mother, beaten and bruised, pleads that her husband was just taken to their hideout and needs their help. Although hurt and low on spell slots and hit points, they accept again and rush to save this man they have never met. The elf leads them to a cavern which develops into a finely carved room where they are met by two well armored adversaries, one dressed in robe and another in plate. With a tear in her eye she apologizes and locks the party in the room.

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Through grit and determination they nearly win against these two foes, but the robed caster manages to disappear. A few seconds later he emerges from the other side of the room with his master, a GREEN DRAGON and the party knows their chances are slim. The dragon gives them a chance to kneel and suffer no damage, but only one takes the offer. One by one they fall, but are kept alive by the caster to be the slaves of the dragon.

Let me know what you think. I had a great conversation with my players about how the end felt a little too scripted, but they enjoyed it and are excited to seek revenge.

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