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Keep jinxing the party and my best DPS is … a bonfire.

>be me

>Hexblade Fallen Aasimar

>be not me

>Tiefling Bard, Cat Rogue, Half-elf Ranger, Dragonborn Paladin, Dhampir BloodHunter

>Last one edgy as heck

>and that's from a Fallen Aasimar Hexblade Warlock

>Rescue operation, 3 hostage in an abandon fortress

>info gathering

>Local kid said he know secret entrance because he played there

>His mom heard that and hit him for going there

>Our DM is 100% Asian

>Pay the kid to guide us to the entrance

>A cave behind a tree line at the foot of the hill of the fortress.


>an eye gaze welcoming the party

>an eye


>this bode so well

>"Please tell me they don't have a cyclop guardin' the entrance"

>Technically correct, because it's a Nothic

>It make use a deal, get rid of bandit and it'll leave us alone

>Insight check



>(Hindsight, no it's not)

>it point toward a small hallway with secrets entrance

>Lead to a store room behind the bandit hideout.

>"Hol up, I gotta piss" bandit come into the same room

>Fight broke out

>Usual happened, except the Cat rogue turn is missing entirely.

>1 bandit decide to be sissy and hide behind crates and barrels, shooting crossbow

>Already have 2 bad roll, miss both eldritch blast

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>"I cast bonfire directly under him to burn him out"

>surprisingly effective, 6 fire damage, got finished off by the hunter when running away from fire.

>1 more unconscious, another surrender after intimidation >side note: that 3 bandit's room have only 2 bed.

>" 'ight, which one of u is the top?"

>back to matter at hand, where is our feline rogue?

>secretly play outside our main board, rogue got paralyzed stare by that Nothic, only to be save by ambushing it when it fail to kidnap bard coming back to him to bite his face off

>The creature scream, entire party rush to the sound, I used Expeditious Retreat to reach the rogue at the bottom of ravine in one-turn dash

>DM "Roll acrobatic check please"

>Roll what?

>DM "That cliff is 20 feet high, I can't just declare it as a simple difficult terrain"

>Fine. I roll


>not fine.

>DM "2d6 damage"

>Basically Wile E Coyote into the ravine planting entire body into O>-< shape

>distract enough for rogue to escape tho.

>But now that Nothic's attention is on recently-fall-from-6-stories me

>I cast bonfire under it

>Amazingly effective. Nothic basically take 8,6,7 fire damage while I repeatedly cast False Life on myself waiting for the rest of party to come.

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>The rest of Party come, fight goes on, we won, no one die.

>Half-Elf Ranger jump down to land only one and actually killing blow

>Frickin' Killsteal

>Glad he come tho. My hp is 4, one more Nothic's sneeze and I'm ded

>He tried to be a bro come to me to ask if I'm ok?

>DM "Ranger, please roll Dex save"

>The what?

>DM "You walk onto the bonfire that Warlock hasn't snuff out yet."


>He's a ranger, He'd be fine


>He's not fine

>DM "roll for fire damage"

>1d8 = 7

>Ranger HP down to 2

>"…. I'll give healing potion for you later, k?"

>Dhampir jump down to check on both of us and the loot

>He. jump.

>DM "Roll acrobatic check please"


>another pair of broken legs

>later, the party have to reverse Hacksaw Ridge 3 of us up the cliff

>Lesson : Buy rope, Snuff your fire when you're done cookin'.


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