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Keeping your combat exiting and engaging, even when the dice make it boring.

Edit: Exciting*, among other spelling mistakes

Edit 2: I probably should’ve clarified I don’t do this all the time, that’s just impossible. The main goal is to, as someone said in the comments, keep the energy up and the payers invested. Going overboard is a real issue, so work hard to find a good median!

Even a fight where a player constantly misses and is drained of their HP can be entertaining if you make it.

What I’ve done is almost always add a sense of glory for my players no matter what they do in the battle. Such as, instead of saying:

“Your Warhammer misses the Ogre”

I would say;

“The Ogre blocks your Warhammer with his club. As the two of you struggle against each other, the Ogre leans in and growls, ‘You stand no chance, puny (Insert that player’s race here)!’. He then forces you back with a mighty shove and takes a wild swing with his club. The Ogre’s attack hits. The colossal hit drives you into your knees and makes your vision spotty, but your adamantine grit refuses to give in!”

It’s not just about being detailed, as well, it’s about including a nice hint of RP. After all, combat is just a form of RP.

Most players want to have a sense of accomplishment in combat, even when they ultimately fail. If your combat isn’t fun, try to constantly look for ways to meet this hunger in small details. This way, a group of players that are bored when it’s not their turn will still be invested in the battle, even when they’re not doing anything.

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“The cultist sidesteps the Paladins attack, and in doing so mistakenly dodges your arrow at the same time. His head whips around and he locks eyes with you, casting an expression of shock and admiration.”

As a former player who loves RPing with enemies and being as much of a glorious hero as I can, I can tell you that a DM who does this is widely loved by the players.

If you can do this well, and do it consistently, I PROMISE your players will be more excited and engaged with combat.

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