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Kicked out two players without telling them

Content of the article: "Kicked out two players without telling them"

TL;DR: I kicked out two of my players from my D&D group because I didn't like their playstyles and because they started to have conflict outside of the group.


I've already posted this on r/AmItheAsshole but it gor removed because of the subject but I want an answer.

I'm sorry if this post gets two rambly and ranty.

How should I say this…

My three friends from school, my girlfriend and I (the DM) were playing Mines of Phandelver (the adventure for beginners).

There were two players, for sake of simplicity let's call them P and R.

P pretty much was a guy who can be a big asshole because he makes fun of other people but he does it in a way that can hurt someone because he picks things that you're insecure and know about and makes jokes about these things. For example I'm mixed race (half African / half Italian) and I was insecure about being a black person in Europe and one time P made a joke about my african family members living in mud hutts made of their own shit and that stung for like two seconds but I laughed it off.

Aaaand R isn't a very confident person that get's made fun of by many guys and P was one of guys who made fun of him and because of that tension started building up between them.

So when we played, it went well we had fun etc. but P didn't really role play, made some really racist remarks, that made me feel unconformtable, towards R's character (who played an elf while P was a dwarf and he justified it with "tHIs iS WhaT mY cHarAcTeR WoUld dO") and R had some Murderhobo moments (for example he said that they should murder the important NPC they had just saved that they went out to save without any reason).

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To our luck these moments were especially at the end of the session.

Some time later the tension between them grew so much until it exploded and they had a fight that got physical in our school

After that incident I said to my other friend that we couldn't play with them anymore and he understood and agreed. So we didn't invite them anymore, looked for other people and play now in a group of five.

I'm pretty content with my decision.

But R said that he wants to play D&D again and my friend and I just looked at each other.

Am I the asshole for not telling them?

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