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Kicking this player has been bothering me for a while, was I right?

DM here. This happened a couple months ago but it still bugs me from time to time.

So my players were begging me to add another player, and against my better judgment I decided to recruit one. We play online, not at a real table, for context. So I do some basic recruiting and the spot fills.

The player let's me know they're LGBT and go by they/them. That's cool, one of our other players is the same. So we recruit them and they build their player. Their player is an undead, I forget what exactly, but basically they are an amalgamation of souls bound into a Frankenstein's monster kind of deal.

So, the first session with our new player rolls around, and we are in a pirate haven, and the party witnesses our new player being kicked from the tavern, with a pirate saying things along the lines of "get lost" and such. When the party intervenes, the pirate says "just look at that thing! No way I'm allowing it into my bar."

The player, even after me explaining that they are an undead creature strolling into a pirate haven full of heavily superstitious sailors, claimed this was an "attack on their sexuality"… I'm bisexual btw. I explained multiple times that the pirates behaved as such because they are an undead and the pirates wouldn't simply sit by and say "oh, an undead with sewn on limbs and a dead stare. This is cool." Pirates are incredibly superstitious and would regard this as some sort of curse, and wouldn't allow an undead to be strolling around.

But that session goes by relatively unhindered after that. Afterwards, the players got to introducing themselves as people and not characters a bit better. We were all talking about real life, where we were from, etc. I mentioned I live in the American south, and our new player immediately flew off the handle, saying I must be a bigot if I'm from there. Nevermind that I'm from the west coast, and I only live in the south. But they were inconsolable, saying everyone in the south and Midwest are all bigots and blah blah blah.

I'm trying to get them to calm down, but they absolutely will not stand for the idea that I live in the southern Midwest. Absolutely not. They continue ranting about how I must "want to take their rights away" and such. At this point, the rest of us are kind of in shock at this absolute meltdown happening. They continue ranting, and soon they single out our other LGBT player, who is a 16 year old. They begin saying "the only reason we have rights is because we beat up the cops and showed everyone we were serious. We need to attack and kill our enemies to get our rights!"

At this point, I immediately banned them from the session and server. I have a 16 year old and 17 year old player, and I won't stand for their minds being poisoned by calls to violence in real life. As a DM, I feel a responsibility to protect these kids from harmful ideas and people where I can, and the idea that violence for the means of political and social gain are not okay.

Things got so wild so fast, and I tried to defuse the situation, but they just kept getting spun up on their own energy and I just decided to shut it down immediately, and for good.

What seemed really odd to me was the accusations of being some kind of bigot, when I myself am bi, although I don't identify with the LGBT community. And I have an LGBT player who I've had on board for around a year and we get along super well, and me and my players have been their first real experience with long-term D&D and taught them basically how to play the game, and they have played LGBT characters, all of which I have respected.

Their female Dragonborn was even given an opportunity to court a female human, and their dragonborn succeeded. The two of them went on to be the God of war and God of celebration, after that campaign had ended and the gods were slain and replaced. The human was the God of War and the dragonborn was the God of celebration, as she was inclined to drink… a lot. And I thought it was a cute relationship and cute ending. After all, when war is won, celebration goes hand in hand with it.

I guess this is just a nightmare story about crazy players, but I think I was right in removing them from the campaign when they began make actual actionable threats IRL and trying to convince other players to do it as well. I don't know, that was probably the craziest thing I've ever experienced as a DM.


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