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Killing a False Hydra with Tomb of Levistus

Content of the article: "Killing a False Hydra with Tomb of Levistus"

be me, firbolg druid

be not me, human fighter, halfling paladin/warlock, dmpc human cleric

we're all level 13 and we have some powerful magic items and weapons by this point

I'm attuned to three really good ones

a pendant that lets me cast bless, tongues, mass cure wounds, and death ward (3 charges, recharges 1d3 at dawn)

a circlet that basically gives me the druid's 18th level feature to cast spells while wild shaped (only if they lack a material component)

and finally a staff that adds +1d6 fire damage to spells and abilities that deal fire damage, as well as one free delayed blast fireball per day if I succeed on a dc16 con save first, but I fall prone and lose my next turn after detonating it

yes it's inspired by megumin

over the past few sessions the dm's been building up tension by hinting at a terrible monster that might tpk us

the dm would ask us to roll perception, and an 18 or higher would reveal more information about the monster lurking in the sewers that was eating the townspeople

two weeks ago, we encountered a doppelganger in the chapel who was turning the townsfolk into pigs


unfortunately he escaped during the fight by casting dimension door

mfw the fighter is the only counterspell user because he has a magic item that lets him use it

fighter's fw he already used his reaction on an opportunity attack

at the end of the session, we had passed enough checks for the paladin and the cleric to see its heads sticking out of the sewers, despite being outside the town gates

the fighter and I couldn't see it at first, but the cleric slapped both of us with a lesser restoration which allowed us to see it too

mfw it's a false hydra

we immediately make a beeline for the town

npc guard says she has to test us for lycanthropy and vampirism because she can't see the false hydra

cleric slaps her with a lesser restoration and she nearly shits her pants before letting us in

dm: "roll initiative"

phase 1 begins: there's 4 hydra heads sticking out of the sewers

we do a good job destroying the heads, with me lighting them up with faerie fire and the fighter and paladin cutting them to shreds

they're pretty spread out, so I spend some of my actions using thunder step to teleport the fighter closer

(note: we use the class feature variants ua so that's how I have thunder step as a druid)

it's not a total curbstomp though, both the paladin and the fighter get grappled and lifted by the heads during phase 1

the fighter even got grappled + swallowed in one legendary action due to the hydra rolling a crit

I had to use fire storm on the head to give him the best chance of destroying the head in one turn, so he could escape before being dragged underground with it

thank god he rolled well enough on his gwm attacks to finish it off

all the necks retreat into the sewers

we reconvene and head into the sewers, dm has to call the session there due to a very late start and timezones

phase 2 begins: we're staring down the false hydra, which has regrown four of its heads and is beginning to grow a fifth

fighter and paladin kill one of the heads in one round but the neck starts to repair itself

I ask if I can make a check to try to figure out how to prevent the self repair

dm says roll nature


I finished off one of the heads with produce flame, so fire didn't prevent the heads from regrowing

but the body is more exposed than the necks

I wild shape into an air elemental and dodge to stand my ground for now, since I'm not close enough to attack and I'm already maintaining concentration on bless

the fighter immediately gets grappled by the hydra

the hydra tries biting me too, but I'm immune to being grappled

I rescue the fighter using thunder step to teleport him out

the paladin has the first of her two galaxy brain moments of the session

she thinks that the doppelganger that escaped might be hidden and uses divine sense

8 undead pings from the false hydra… and one fiend sitting on top of the hydra's body, invisible

paladin gets grappled by one of the heads

I faerie fire the hydra's body and lo and behold, the same doppelganger is there

mfw it's asleep

paladin misty steps out of the hydra's jaw and passes the athletics check to climb on top of the hydra's body

she double crit smites the doppelganger-fiend since it's unconscious

mfw she kills it in one turn

we're not out of the woods yet though, the hydra's still alive

a few turns later, the hydra's pretty beaten up, but the cleric and the paladin are both grappled, and the fighter's been swallowed

I decide to take a big risk

I step away from the hydra, drop wild shape, and cast delayed blast fireball

mfw I barely pass the con save due to the cleric refreshing bless

I detonate it under the hydra immediately, barely avoiding hitting the paladin

I get a super lucky roll and get 60 fire damage from 13d6 (12d6 + an extra 1d6 from the magic staff)

mfw it's not enough damage to kill the hydra

I fall prone and lose my next turn

our useless cleric tries a flame strike vs the hydra

hydra gets a nat 20 on the save and only takes 5 damage due to a dogshit damage roll

but then, it's the paladin's turn. she's being grappled by one of the heads, above the hydra's body

3 eldritch blasts vs the body, 23 damage

but then, she has her second galaxy brain moment

what if she used tomb of levistus, and did damage by having the ice block fall on the hydra body?

dm allows it

hydra bites her as a legendary action

she activates tomb of levistus

dm describes how the block of ice forms, slips out of the hydra's mouth, and falls onto the hydra's body

dm asks the paladin to roll 1d6 for fall damage inflicted onto the hydra


mfw the false hydra's body had 3 hp left

mfw we finished off a false hydra with tomb of levistus

dm calls the session and we hit level 14

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