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Lack of good main story

Content of the article: "Lack of good main story"

If "Perpertor Fala de Mim" or "Lillian" mean something to you, stop reading.

Hi, I'm failing my job as a DM, the players are starting to get bored in the gametable, and one of the reasons (according to them) is that the main plot never advances.

To summarize things, the world is in war, there are 5 continents and they are in war against each other, and the PCs are soldiers that do missions and don't go to first line. First they received the quest to search for spys in a nation in their continent.

They went for it, and mostly I focused for interesting travelling and interaction with fun NPCs and fun side-quests and so.

After they got to the nation, they found out that there was a ghost town, that the people just appeared after dark. After they got enough research they found out that the mayor of the ghost city was a spy, and they kicked the guys ass after some conversation.

The mayor (Naeris Farlamin) got a letter for someone named Perpetor Farlamin, his uncle was a Professor Doctor at a big wizard school. With this name they told their supervisor that they found the spy and got a meeting with the supervisor, and got the new task of getting to this wizard named Perpetor.

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This was the fifth session. About 5 hours each session. Players started to get bored with the slow progress of the story, and I totally agreed with them, five sessions and the main story summarized in some words.

They now are going to that enemy continent after Perpetor, and I really dont know what to do, they need a engaging and related thing to get their attention in the next session.

If you need more detail for understanding tell me please, and sorry if something is wierd in my english, I'm brazillian

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