Dungeons & Dragons Online

LARP Tabletop Adventures of Zaidryss

Be me, Roleplay nerd

Join a LARP alone

Enjoy it, make some friends

Friends make a new LARP




It’s hard to LARP

only got 2 games in all of 2020 with masks and disinfectant and such

New LARP had plans for a tabletop variant

Tabletop variant can be played online


Make a character

Had a female character as second character in previous LARP

Be me, male

Be my 2nd LARP female character, called wrong pronouns



Need a character

Don’t immediately want to play another female character, but not another male

Be my character, Zaidryss Shadowforger, Dark Fae

Dark Fae are Fey corrupted by metal

Dark Fae PCs have all taken an oath to be good and help people

Be Zaidryss, grew up as a male fairy


pray to goddess of reflection, Naeta

Backstory told him his answer was to be both genders, but not neither


pronouns are easy to overuse in 1 on 1

Zaidryss is always the other gender in convo

Be class, Sorcerer

Highest DPS in game

Squishy as bug

Be profession

Not blacksmithing, not enchanting

Be thespian

get OP as balls play dead ability

Be rules system

Go to 0 hp = bleeding out

combat ends while bleeding out = dead and revived

3 deaths and permadead

No rolling for 3-12 deaths like first LARP (Alliance/Refuge)

Unicorns get 5, but can give them to others

Each death gives a curse

be first session

be online in tabletop

Combat only rolls when energy is not used

No energy = roll for attack and defense

No energy = 1 damage

Energy = Blast 5, blast 10 at higher level

Energy = stop an energy attack

Energy max = 5, short rest restores it if we have food

Max energy goes up at higher levels

Max level is 20

Sorcerer = very squishy

Thespian can play dead and ignore a fatal attack

End of combat = stabilized at 1 HP

be first or so session story

We get into combat

2 enemies

Be Zaidryss

Blast 5


Blast 5 again


Hole in chest

Be Zaidryss

Turn to underling


Figurative Nat 20 charisma roll

No actual roll was done

Goblin did not betray

Check up on goblin later

Crime penalty = become guard

Goblin = Ok

Be different session

Take Lethal damage

”Begin Performance”



Ally comes to heal me before combat ends

Sees I am breathing

can’t wake up until end of combat

can’t be healed till end of combat

only dies if enemy attacks again after fake death

Reads Poetry at end of combat, is alive

Be inbetween beta and official release

Have artifact from doing beta

artifact was custom designed by me

Ask for artifact that can reflect attacks

DM says it would cost 2 energy

1 for stopping attack, 1 for doing damage

DM says only ultimate level 20 abilities can cost 2


Really want the reflect because character flavor

Offers idea

If character already blocks attack using dodge or shield = good

If good, spend 1 energy to send it back

Call it Naeta’s Mirror

Buy multichrome mirror off Wish

Mirror comes smaller than expected and detached from frame


be second most recent campaign

Use thespian ability to give everyone a 1 time shield

self included

Costs thespian specific energy

still have 5 normal energy

still have 2 thespian energy

Be combat

Squishy mage is being protected

Want to use magic item

Gets idea

”Wow, I’m so lucky, I haven’t been hit yet!”

Currently have blast 10

DM asks “Are you sure about saying that?”

Me: Yes.GIF


Enemy attacks me

Pops my thespian shield

activate mirror

Reflect the 5 damage


Roleplay heavy

Enemy takes it

Be Zaidryss

”Try that again, see what happens, I DARE you!”

Be bluffing

Need another shield set up before can reflect again

monster believes me

Monster attacks different player

MFW I did a figurative Nat 20 on charisma twice in between turns

Zaidryss.stat.charisma = over 9000

Be me, player

Still have not played an in person game

Still enjoying this

Still wearing costume to each session even though cam is not on


Be most recent session

Be like level 10 or so

Energy max be like 6 now

So yeah that’s my story of how a LARP turned into a tabletop and is good. Rolling only happening on basic attacks is amazing. Rolling for defense is amazing. I love this game. It’s only local to my current province though, hopefully it will expand in future.

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If this is not the place for this, lemme know, I will post it at the other place. It’s a tabletop/LARP hybrid though, so should be okay.

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