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Le story of Kroghar the Thundering giant: 1. The beginnings

be me
local TTRPG (think of something like D&D)
want to play my favourite way i.e. hoarder/klepto pocketing everything that has at least some value and isn’t nailed down
also pushing the limits of the system in terms what I can get away with
group already has one such wacky character
let’s do it
Kroghar the giant (think of something between goliath and orc) alchemist who loves explosives after seeing how much easier it is to mine with it than with regular tools
carries mining tools, alchemical equipment in small box and over his right shoulder hangs bandoleer filled with grenades, smoke bombs and molotov cocktails (one day something heavier)
his right hip decorates massive iron lantern for open flame if needed (go figure)
rest of the group are:
Jerek the halfling fighter carrying halberd, a folk hero looking for adventure and something to eat along the way
Edrik the wise/older human priest
Eelar the elven ranger

every good adventure starts in local inn
injured merchant bursts into the inn, asking for help getting his cargo stolen by bandits back
sends us to retrieve it
after finding the merchants turn over wagon and corpses of his 2 horses
fight with hungry wolfs ensues
Edrik and ranger snipe the wolfs with arrows, Jerek does ok and Kroghar does virtually nothing
after the fight archers start picking up arrows
meanwhile Kroghar and Jerek push the wagon on its wheels
ranger found footprints leading northwards and Kroghar could confirm based on 1 damaged crate of magical dust and trail of that stuff leading the same way
sent ranger to scout while the rest of the party stays back
trail leads to nearby cave
after inspection it’s full of bandits, Kroghar lit up
from the entrance into the cave on the west side stands large pillar on north side, small natural wall on the southern side and in between flows small stream
rest of the cave lays on raised cliff fortified with barricades and the only way in (at first it seems) is “stare case” along the south wall and then over the stream lays small wooden bridge
few of the bandits are on watch, but seems they are bad at it since the whole party could sneak up to them, including Kroghar with piles of stuff
Kroghar figures, let’s cause some havoc and lights up one of his smoke bombs
can’t throw it, would alert the bandits
Kroghar helps Jerek to get up over the cliff and give him the smoke bomb to place it well
place it well meant different spots by me and Jereks player it seems, since he placed the bomb behind the bandits, making the cloud of smoke slowly crawl towards them, possibly alerting them and obscuring mostly our vision
it’s about this time when fight started
Edrik and ranger take cover and start shooting arrows, Kroghar throws javelin, picks up molotov cocktail and starts moving to the other side of the cave to take some cover behind small extending part of the cave wall while Jerek hides in the smoke
1 bandit behind the barricade goes down, some more rush over the bridge to get better firing position with their crossbows and 1 wants to close the distance to let us taste his steel
Kroghar has none of it, throws molotov and misses which means that he set the bridge ablaze
that 1 bandit gets close enough to attack Kroghar
poor choice since Kroghar is more deadly at close range than with ranged attacks
after a poke with javelin and arrow the poor soul goes down
some more bandits show up and since running into the fire isn’t an option right now bandits start firing crossbows and 2 use slope leading into the stream behind the bridge
Kroghar noticed these sneaky buggers and gives them warm welcome
so these 2 guys are knees deep in water and everything above the water surface is on fire
don’t forget the burning bridge above
exchange of ordinance from both sides commenced
ranger is doing ok, but Edrik is deadly for priest with a bow
1 charging bandit is dispatched from comfortable distance and the other is moving towards Edrik
it takes us more than it should, to get rid of him, especially for Edrik’s liking
but this threat is eventually dealt with
it was at this time when the bridge decided that it didn’t like fire at all and collapsed leaving 1 bandit on our side
Kroghar doesn’t have that many valid targets (because of the smoke), so he can see only that 1 poor conscious bandit before the collapsed bridge
guess what Kroghar does
throws another molotov and forces this guy from what little cover he has out
right about this time reinforcements of bandits arrive and Jerek decides to finally strike from out of the smokescreen
badly injures 1 of the bandits
unfortunately the leader of the bandits with his henchmen knock out Jerek and drag him deeper into the cave, while the leader is shouting something about if we leave our friend wouldn’t get hurt
to cover the retreat secret dam is opened and forced our friends with bows to take cover from the fastmoving water, flushing the remnants of the bridge and corpses with it
meanwhile Kroghar knocked out last of the bandits with Sleeper and so he shouts back “We have 2”
since one other is unconscious but no answer is given

Edrik and ranger start moving upstream and to the other side of the cave
Kroghar picks up those 2 unconscious bandits and moves them to the other side as well
good thing to be giant when you need to carry stuff around
when on the other side we couldn’t see much, since there was still hanging
the smoke cloud from earlier
we can see about few feet in front of us
Edrik along the west wall, ranger along the other wall
Kroghar found large pillar and large box in the middle
sit those guys against that box and ready molotov and grenade if they try some funny business
Edrik starts the negotiations, ranger moves into position to do his spiel
Kroghar is reminding bandit leader to exchange hostages
nobody pays any attention to Kroghars diplomacy
Edrik tells bandits, that there are guards with us and that it would be better if they surrender, while they can
Kroghar and ranger get onboard and start shouting like they are addressing the guards
it seemed to affect the bandits and if it wasn’t for their pesky leader no more fighting would be necessary
Edrik is doing his best to convince bandits to surrender, but ultimately it’s futile
good for us that we are fighting humans and Jerek is halfling
that gives chance our archers to fire with low chance of hitting Jerek
ranger therefore fires at the bandit leader who is holding Jerek hostage with a blade
Edrik follows by deadly arrow of his own and finished the bandit leader
Jerek takes initiative and leapes onto another bandit with crossbow
bandits spring into action, running towards Edrik and ranger, one is fighting with Jerek
last few bandits fire their crossbows with basically no effect
finally Kroghar gathers that shit went sideways, since it seems bandits jumped ranger
Kroghar has only AoE weapons in hands, the choice is hard
meanwhile me looking at the map
at the end the best choice is to throw the molotov in such a way that it hits 2 bandits and almost doesn’t set our ranger on fire
roll the dice
it works, almost
GM rules that since ranger is so close to fire, he needs to suffer somehow
his bow is now firebow
Edrik is defending from one bandit and Jerek still fight up close with the same bandit from before
meanwhile Kroghar and ranger are trying to figure out what to do
ranger runs for the crossbow left behind Jerek
Kroghar picks up javelin and finishes of those 2 firelovers
the only left flamboyant bandit lays down to take his final sleep
Edrik gives practical lecture of pain to the last meleeing bandit
it is about this time when rest of the bandits decide to surrender

Jerek quickly picks up his halberd and forces the bandits to sit in circle
Kroghar picks up those 2 still unconscious bandits and throws them to the rest
Edrik spots corridor leading northeast and asks one of us to help him
Kroghar is still in good shape so he follows Edrik
both of us smells the trap
perception rolls are rolled and Kroghar for once noticed something
in our way is laid bear trap
Kroghar manages to deactivate it and after that into sack it goes
we make it into “room” of the bandit leader
chest with some personal stuff, bed, crates of alchemical supplies, bag of gold and some letters
from those we figured out that there is this guy called Raven who is behind all of this
1st thing is that we have 2 days to prepare for Raven’s representative and his escort arrival
2nd thing is to meet Raven himself after 2 weeks with his merch

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That’s all for now folks. I intent to continue and tell the whole story of Kroghar the Thundering giant.

See you in the next one

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