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Leaving Druid wildshape and opportunity attacks

Content of the article: "Leaving Druid wildshape and opportunity attacks"

My understanding is that opportunity attacks are triggered by expending speed to move out of attack range. When changing shape from a large to a medium creature, unless I'm grappled, why would I shift into a space still next to a creature if going into caster form? Since I didn't expend movement to shift into squares I already controlled, shouldn't leaving wild shape, either due to hitting 0 hp or via bonus action, not trigger attacks of opportunity? The "movement" couldn't be used toward a jump since no speed was used.

Other classes like artificers, Eldritch Knight, arcane trickster, wizard, sorcerer get an action attack (Shocking Grasp) that does damage and does even better than Disengage in that it prevents all reactions when used.

Rogue gets cunning action to spam Disengage as a bonus action while also attacking on the same turn.

Monks have a depletable resource they can use that has other uses to disengage as a bonus action but also can attack on turns they do so.

How is it not that the druid wildshape as a moon druid is not similar to a monk's resources that have multiple competing uses and could also be used to effectively Disengage and allow the druid to do something else with their action that turn? It seems to be the weakest of the classes named, and the druid has even lower armor than most monks so cannot tolerate being surrounded in melee and be in caster form? The action economy would suck if you are forced to just shift and disengage on a turn or are forced out of wildshape and then have to disengage for your action when already in caster form!

A druid could wildshape when grappled with its speed = 0, so clearly it isn't movement, and that same shape change could get him out of shackles or other dangerous situations merely from a size change.

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If grappled by multiple creatures on all sides, one could argue they all would be pulled inward toward the druid if leaving a large or huge wildshape. The only reason I see a druid shifting toward a creature when leaving wild shape is if he is grappled by one and not more than one on multiple sides.

I can't seem to find a definitive answer of this on the internet, but my group seems to want me to be forced into poor action economy and have to Disengage after shifting, therefore limiting the ability of the druid to leave wild shape and heal people while also maintaining safety because caster form is squishy.

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