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Legendary Resistance Variant: “Boss Resilience.”

Content of the article: "Legendary Resistance Variant: “Boss Resilience.”"

SO, something about Leg. Resistances just didn't sit right with me. Sure, you could lower or up the number by 1 or 2 to use em at mid or even low levels, but just saying you can succeed a saving throw a certain number of times a day feels… Eh, to me. Boring?

So I wanted to make things more random, and came up with this. I'm pretty happy with it, but I'd like some feedback, thoughts. Disagreements? Criticism? Support for the basic Leg. Resistances?

Boss Resilience (Recharge X). If the boss monster fails a saving throw, it can spend its Boss Resilience to succeed instead.

A boss monster of CR 1-4 has (Recharge 6).

A boss monster of CR 5-8 has (Recharge 5-6)

A boss monster of CR 9-12 has (Recharge 4-6).

A boss monster of CR 13-20 has (Recharge 3-6).

A boss monster of CR 21+ has (Recharge 2-6).

So, at low levels, when Bosses would be CR 1-4, that Recharge is so low that you're likely to never get a second charge of Resilience in a fight. But the key thing is: the chance is still there. It's built on the idea that there's a chance, no matter how small, for even a low level boss to have multiple of these up their sleave.

At CR 5-8 here, we see a standard 5-6, or 1 in 3 chance of recharge. So, say a boss mon. burns through their Resilinece in the first round of the action, and the fight continues on for the average of two more rounds. That means that they're probably not going to get that recharge, but there's still a solid chance- 33.333… and so on, to be precise.

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Moving up to CR 9-12, that 4-6 means 50%, or, in the aforementioned "burns Resilience in Round 1 and rolls over next two rounds," statistically, they're probably gonna get a second charge. At this tier, we're talking about like, what, 8th level, 9th level adventurers? They can take 2 Resiliences.

Up with the real big boys like vampires and death knights (and presumably not just undead, it's just that I love undead), we're hear with CR 13-20! This is the land of the Recharge 3-6, meaning a 2/3 chance of a recharge with each roll. More than likely, we're talking two, even three charges, assuming the fight's a round or two more drawn out then average.

At the epic tier of monsters, anything CR 21+ (think Lichs and Ancient Dragons) has a Recharge of 2-6. That means that they can effectively spend their Resiliences every round with the expectation that it'll more than likely recharge on the following round. They're able to churn out one a round without fear, with that pesky 1/6 chance of it failing still a valid, if rare, occurence.

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