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Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

Hello! I'm Cpt. Red I am here to tell you about the Legends of Osiria Podcast. This is an actual-play D&D podcast. We are a group of LGBTQ+ players who are playing a homebrew RP Adult Heavy seafaring campaign. Ain't that a mouthful! Join the crew and get immersed into the world of Osiria, an archipelago-style world. Created by two rogue deities from the forgotten realms who fell in love and created their own realm. Soon the world became plagued when a portal to the far realm (known as the Dark Void) opened in the Great Ocean and monsters from other realms poured into Osirian waters.

Now Osiria has entered a golden age after a millennium of conflict with the Dark Void. Piracy and treasure hunting is at an all-time high as sailors, explorers, and adventurers scour the land and seas hoping to cement their names into that of legends. Join six adventurers, Amelia the Symic Hybrid Wizard, Charlie the Aasimar Sorcerer, Fevious the Tiefling Bard, Hiram the Halfling Druid, and Osa the Half-Elf Ranger as they battle the most notorious pirate lords of the seven seas!

You can listen to our podcast on iTunes, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, Google Podcast, iHeart Radio, and Amazon Music! Just search: Legends of Osiria.

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Also, use this link to go to our official campaign website: https://legendsofosiria.com/ There you can read our Character and Player Bios and some world lore! Also, a world map coming soon of the world of Osiria. You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok under the tag: legendsofosiria

Currently, we have 10 full episodes up and running and have a decent following but we want to grow and share our fantastic story with even more dnd lovers! We have our first major arc coming soon so there's plenty of time to catch up on the thrilling adventure that starts on the icy barren island of Hypoxia.

We look forward to adding new members to the Legends of Osiria Crew! Godspeed sailors and I'll see you on the High Seas!

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