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Leomund’s Floating Base

Okay, you've probably looked at Lemunds tiny hut and has the same thought as me: 'That's kinda OP; what absurd thing could creative players/NPCs use it for?'

Well, I'm here to tell you, a floating base is what.

Lemunds tiny hut is an orb, but it is usually half in the ground, so it looks like a dome, but it's a sphere. An infinitely strong sphere, in fact.

It appears ten feet around the spell caster, cannot be moved, and cannot move for the eight-hour duration, the perfect length of a long rest. But it can be used for so much more.

Start by casting Fly on your wizard, have a fellow party member or a potion donut or something. Have the wizard fly to the desired location in the sky, make sure they bring a rope swing

Have them cast tiny hut. Now you have a floating orb.

The wizard has to stay in the orb, and Fly will run out soon, but do not fear, we have a solution. If a fellow flying character brings a bar of metal and places it on the top of Rhe Hut, it won't pass through. The bar cannot pass through. Have the wizard tie the rope swing to it, which can pass through, since it was on the wizard when he made the orb. Now the wizard has something to sit on—no need for Fly.

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You have eight hours. In those eight hours, a flying character bring up a prebuilt frame and platform to sit on the top—boom, floating lookout for eight hours.

But let's say your a Nobel with a love for the sky, you want to build a floating getaway home, and you have lots of resources.

The process is relatively similar, except the wizard brings a magic rope. Any magic item that is also rope works. The point is, if you DM is so kind to rule this, magic items can't break from non-magic damage, so it can hold infinite weight. If your DM rules differently, the process will be more difficult, but you can make a special adamantine rope or something similar. Regardless, Build a dome of adamantine which sits snugly on the top of the orb, dangle the rope from it, and with similar strong framing, you can build a hanging platform/room.

Then, on top, you build out from the adamantine dome and build more platforms/rooms. I would personally go with a Wizard tower. Attach the two levels by ladder and boom, Lemuds floating fortress.

You can build what's essentially a treehouse that sits in the sky.

And if the wizard is provided with sustenance and has 3 third level+ spell slots, they can recast the spell every eight hours and take a long rest on the third casting. Therefore, the floating fortress could stay as long as the wizard lives.

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To get this many materials up, you would probably need to hire a dragon or a small army of Aarakocra, but we'll leave that up to the Nobel. But just imagine the floating wizard's base, the eccentric Nobel's getaway home, or the adventures lookout over the village.

So anything I miss? Any other ways you could abuse this spell? What would you do with your castle in the sky?


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