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Let your PCs be awesome… and don’t let any PCs into your game whom you don’t want to be awesome.

Content of the article: "Let your PCs be awesome… and don’t let any PCs into your game whom you don’t want to be awesome."

It took me a long time to realize this since it was my first campaign.

I had a problem player in my campaign that I allowed to continue playing for far too long, partly because we knew one another in person, and it was hard for me to address the conflict without losing the relationship.

As a result, I didn't, and my players grew resentful of the problem player. It wasn't long before we were regularly missing game. The only constant factor was the problem player, who never missed a game.

I had a talk with him, and he has reformed his behavior now, but it may be too late. He may have permanently broken our group dynamic, and now I'm just trying to wrap up this campaign so that we can end it.

Everyone from this campaign will receive an invite to my next campaign except for him. I think this is the most genial way to de-invite someone from a campaign while still preserving the relationship, without rubbing it in their face out of spite.

As the players level up, they get exponentially powerful, and get to be superheroes. You can't always fix problem player issues using the game dynamics because the PCs find ways to avoid consequences using their superpowers.

This is a special game. It's close to my heart. There are many more PCs than DMs, and the demand for DMs is massive, which makes it easy to replace PCs with someone better if you wish. Just remember that for every problem player, there is a long line of well-behaved players behind them, trying their best to get into a game.

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Do not do what I did. Learn from my mistakes. Don't tolerate problem players. Address their behavior early, otherwise they're going to learn bad habits, and they're never going to change. After you address it, if they continue to be a problem, don't be afraid to kick them from the table. You don't need any justification or warning.

If you don't do this, they will poison your entire game, like they did to me.

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