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Let’s have a stickied megathread for a month where users can submit general advice for new DMs

Edit: this post has been substantially rewritten, in response to a few comments indicating that the original version was unclear. The content is the same, but I hope my wording is now much clearer!

DMAcademy gets multiple posts per day consisting solely of very brief, generic requests for first-time DMing advice:

"I'm a first-time DM, and I'm not sure how to get started. Does anyone have any advice?" <end of post>

Yes, we do have a lot of advice! I think it would be great to have a community-generated "how to get started" type of resource for this subreddit, in order to help out new users who aren't even really sure what questions they should be asking. Many other hobby-based subreddits have extensive FAQs and wikis available. Unfortunately, the existing wiki on this subreddit is quite bare-bones, and is mostly made up of links.

I propose that the mods create a stickied megathread where users can submit their best general advice for a brand-new DM: tips and tricks, favorite resources, encouragement, troubleshooting advice, etc. We'd want this post to be highly visible in the community for a while, so that everyone who wants to contribute can see it and add their comments to the thread. After a while (say, a month or two), we can either take all of the comments and condense them into a Wiki/FAQ page, or we can just leave the post as a sticky so that new users wanting a place to start can be directed there.

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I don't intend for this megathread to seek to tackle every potential question a new DM could have, and I definitely don't want to discourage newcomers from posting. I think this would be helpful to new users who are looking for a place to start, and also cut down on the number of practically-identical questions this sub receives every day. As it stands, those posts usually only get 2-3 comments and 1-2 upvotes because of their repetitive nature, so I think a big megathread filled with loads of first-time DM advice would be more useful to them. I'm sure that it won't eliminate people submitting "I'm new, what do?" posts, but I think this would still be a great resource to have.

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