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Let’s help the thief rogue with a class feature variant!

Content of the article: "Let’s help the thief rogue with a class feature variant!"

You might remember the "class feature variants" UA that came out a while ago to add some additional usability and tweaks for many class features in the game. I basically worship this document. In my humble opinion, it addresses almost every mechanical problem I can think of (at least on the player's end of things) in 5e. There were, however, some possible issues that weren't addressed. I'd like to address one of them now.

Despite the claim from multiple sources that D&D 5e does not assume that players will get any magic items and is balanced as such, the thief subclass of the rogue has an entire ability dedicated to magic items. This is the level 13 "use magic device" feature. In a game without a large selection of magic items, this ability is likely to be useless. I propose an option that guarantees its use, at least temporarily.

Magical Plunder

13th-level Thief feature (replaces Use Magic Device)

By 13th level, your renown as a thief has earned you a rare kind of respect in unscrupulous circles. Perhaps to honor your deeds or sway your allegiance, an organization of thieves has decided to make you the new owner of a truly wondrous object. Choose one magic item from the Dungeon Master's Guide that is of common or uncommon rarity. You gain this item, along with secret information on how to operate it, even if you do not meet any of the requirements for its use. If you lose possession of the item, you may be gifted another by the organization, but your DM has the final say on this matter. Your DM may also let you choose magic items from other sourcebooks, such as Xanathar's Guide to Everything.

With the introduction of this variant, anyone would be free to stick with the original version of the ability. The original version might indeed be more appealing in a situation where the thief has access to a number of different magic items. In less favorable situations, though, I believe that my variant puts agency back in the hands of the player to take full advantage of the rules that apply to them.

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