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Letting player re-roll/change ability scores mid-campaign?

Content of the article: "Letting player re-roll/change ability scores mid-campaign?"

We started our second campaign a little over a year ago and as it is my first time as a DM I did just as our last DM and skipped session zero/let the players generate ability scores by themselves and everyone came to the table with a finished character sheet. We are all long-time friends and I trust them to be mature enough to not cheat. And no one cheated.

BUT two of my players rolled reeeeally low. Below point-buy low, I didn't give it a second thought back then, because they seemed fine with it and some low scores can be a great opportunity for roleplay and they made some fun characters.

One of the two (our cleric) asked the town's wizard for a way to increase their intelligence because they were getting tired of trying to roleplay their 7 Int (I did never tell them to, they were doing it of their own volition). The wizard agreed to make a potion to make him smarter which on it's own would be fine.

Another BUT. But I just had a look over their ability scores and calculated them up and saw that they only came up to a total of 68. Now I am currently thinking about "giving" them another 4 points that they could assign to at least 3 different ability scores to basically make up for my mistake as a "side effect" of the potion. The player in question has generally really bad luck with dice rolls and I wouldn't mind buffing them if that meant they could keep up with some of the better rolling players.

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To add some additional context: One of my players is notorious for rolling very high on almost anything and it has become a meme at our table. In terms of total ability score number they rolled a whopping 87.


Noob DM forgets session zero, player has less than 72 points in ability scores (point-buy/standard array). Player asks for potion to increase a score that is irrelevant to his class (but not his roleplay) and I'm thinking about giving them 4 additional points to at least 3 different ability scores to bring them at least somewhere near the power of other players.

Any opinions or ideas are greatly apprectiated! Thank you in advance.

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