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Level 6 Lore Bard Magical Secrets Recommendations?

Content of the article: "Level 6 Lore Bard Magical Secrets Recommendations?"

In my current campaign (my first one), we're about to hit level 6 so I've been looking at spells that I might want to grab for my Lore Bard's Magical Secrets. As a small overview, I'm in a fairly large player party (7-8 players) with a Sorceror, Warlock and (DM-played, mostly healbot) Druid for other full casters. We are also limited to only the PHB/MM/DMG content, for now (most of us are new players, so less info on our first game).

My sort of plan with the Bard is to basically be support, of various kinds. I've talked to the DM a bit and replacing his Druid as party healer is also part of the consideration, though that is still in the works (and may just lead to a class change once we finish this section of the campaign). This is a bit of a change from my initial plan which was basically "battlefield control with a bit of support" by essentially swapping those around so it's more like "support with a bit of battlefield control." I'd also like a bit more interaction during combat other than "Use Concentration spell, spam Vicious Mockery while waiting to use Cutting Words." And that may be my own failure to see uses of things outside of the obvious (again, first time player).

I think the Sorceror plans to pick up Haste, and maybe Slow. The Warlock has Counterspell and Hunger of Hadar (which kind of covers a lot of battlefield control needs), and a Ring of Spell Storing.

My current spells are

  • 1st Level
    • Disguise Self (for RP reasons)
    • Dissonant Whispers
    • Faerie Fire (we didn't start with the Druid, and kind of trying to minimize what the DM has to worry about with him)
    • Healing Word
    • Tasha's Hideous Laughter
  • 2nd Level
    • Heat Metal
    • Suggestion
  • 3rd Level
    • Hypnotic Pattern
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So what I'm kind of looking at for my Magical Secrets is either a concentration buff/debuff (for when I don't need to use my others) and then something else to fill in gaps. My current thoughts are Bless (for obvious reasons) and Spiritual Weapon (for some added usefulness and action during combat).

Other things I've looked at are

  • Aura of Vitality (extra healing, but takes concentration)
  • Revivify (obvious, but not sold on it; super situational use of limited Magical Secrets)
  • Counterspell (obvious again, but I'm personally resistant to it because it feels "required" and I'm stubborn, and our Warlock already has it)
  • Haste/Slow (solid spells, but Sorceror might be grabbing them already and is a better caster for them)

I'm sure I've thought of others, but can't remember them at the moment. And I've looked through far too many guides on the subject :p

Any thoughts or suggestions would be very welcome! For the Secrets, or the overall spell list/playstyle, etc 😀 (keeping in mind the limitation of PHB-only content for now). I have some thoughts of swapping some spells for Feather Fall, Dispel Magic, Blindness/Deafness, Silence, and possibly Bane as I level up (or with DM permission). So really any input would be appreciated!

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