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LFG5eOnline Players with DM looking for third person to complete tight-knit group for sustainable, weekly gamplay

Content of the article: "LFG5eOnline Players with DM looking for third person to complete tight-knit group for sustainable, weekly gamplay"

Game: 5e
Module: None
Drop-in Game / Adventurer's League style: No
Platforms: Roll20 | Discord
Preferred age: 25+
Mature Content: No*

^(this group does not shy away from themes present in classic fantasy. While there may be no graphic, detailed focus on these themes, they will not be ignored. If you are not comfortable with the possibility of mature themes occurring, please seek another game.)*

When: Every Friday at 4:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM CDT / 7:00 PM EDT

This campaign will take place in Neria, a homebrew world designed by the DM to put a unique and intriguing spin on the arcane and the spellcasting classes that rely on magic in this strange, new world. There is plenty of rich, developed lore to explain why and how this has come to be. The campaign she has intended for the group takes a player character's backstory into account – every detail of your character is as important to the story as the story itself. For those of you that enjoy the character creation process and wish to have your efforts rewarded more often, this may be an excellent opportunity for you.

We are looking to build a sustainable, small, close-knit group of players that consider themselves to be reliable and consistent, and will not have more than three players at our table. We are currently giving priority to female applicants, as we'd like our party to be balanced between men (our two current players) and our DM (our current female). THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT MEN NEED NOT APPLY. We are considering all applications, and will respond to any player that seems to be an excellent fit for our group.

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We are NOT looking to emulate Critical Role. This group will not be heavily dependent on RP. We enjoy rolling dice, and our DM enjoys making players roll dice. Your attributes and skills MATTER, and we will make you feel like the time you took to assign them is appreciated and acknowledged. We rely heavily on descriptive scenes to aid in balanced encounters, investigation, puzzle-solving, and more immersive game-play.

If an opportunity to be part of a more intimate, sustainable, and immersive experience interests you, please reach out!

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