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(LMoP) Two Dragon Eggs in need of a good home

Content of the article: "(LMoP) Two Dragon Eggs in need of a good home"

Hello Reddit,

Would any members of Hare and Bear Consulting please turn back now.

So I’ve modified the LMoP Thundertree encounter based on a few different threads woven together. For context, both Reidoth and Venomfang are female characters in this version of the story.

The party arrived in the ruins of Thundertree and initially found nothing except for a few ash zombies and twig blights in the ruined buildings. Moving through the town they came across the Druids Hideout, a new thatch roof, rebuilt stone walls and pockets of wildflowers growing around it which immediately distinguished it from the overall devastation and ruin of the surrounding buildings. The door and windows had been replaced with heavy wooden planks interwoven with living vines to protect the entrances. The party knocked several times and shouted her name to no answer. (Unknown to them, Reidoth has been captured by Venomfang several days ago after she tried to drive the dragon from the tower singlehandedly. She was locked in an iron box as Venomfang hoped to utterly break her spirit and make a useful minion of her) After attempting to open the shutters on the windows and still no response, the party got very nervous and decided it might not be the best idea to break into the druids home, they reasoned she might just be in another part of the town. Instead they decided it might be better to go up to the tower and scout the area from a higher vantage point.

Discovering the two dead spiders outside the tower had been mauled to death by a massive creature, they readied themselves and knocked on the door. A green skin female elf in dirty ill-fitting leather armour answered it, demanding to know what they want. (The young green dragon Venomfang has not mastered polymorph and because of this, still carries some of her draconic features over when she transforms) Claiming to be the druid Reidoth, she invited the party in only if they agree to help her with a problem first. Inside the party saw a rather sparsely decorated and dusty chamber and through the open doorway into the tower itself, spotted a large iron box with a beautiful harp laid against it. She claimed to have has been tracking a group of poachers that had recently travelled from Mount Hotenow with a cache of two ‘Roc’ eggs. They had even mistakenly identified them as dragon eggs, and warned the party that they might say as much if pressed for information. They intend to journey to Neverwinter and sell them to make a small fortune. She had attempted to parley with them but she did not possess any great wealth as a druid and they had no interest in returning them to her. If the party would retrieved the eggs for her and dealt with the poachers, she would provided direction to Cragmaw Castle. ‘Reidoth’ was combative and argumentative with every member of the party when asked any questions or pushed for more details.

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The halfling rogue and gnome bard had managed to sneak away to explore the tower while she was explaining this to the other three members of the party, rolling a Nat 19 and 20 for stealth, they were unable to resist their respective urges to open the box and play the harp. As they set about doing so, ‘Reidoth’ heard the first note of the harp being plucked and sprinted into the room. She grabbed the rogue and threw him away from the iron box containing the real Reidoth (though not before he heard the muffled shouts coming from within). At this point the other three members had seen and heard enough to not trust anything the ‘druid’ was telling them. They all then entered the tower itself just in time to see the rogue pulled out a wand of smiles and “attempt” to diffuse the tension in the room by casting it on ‘Reidoth’. The spell did not take and this final insult by the party saw ‘Reidoth’ drop her guise and revert to her true from of Venomfang.

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The party of five lvl 3 adventurers stood before the might of the first dragon any of them had ever encountered, who told them in no uncertain terms that if they did not retrieve the eggs she would strip the flesh from their bones and leave their bloated corpses to rot in the sun. If they fled, she would hunt them from the skies and find them in whatever hole would surely become their grave. They choose to get the eggs back.

Cut to a very fun but tense heist, they managed to retrieve the two dragon eggs and discovered a letter on one of the bodies of the poachers. Marked with the seal of Tiamat, it read, ‘You have been paid handsomely to scout the reported dragons nest and return with any information you gather. Should the report prove accurate, touch nothing! Our representative will meet you in Thundertree in three days, wait for him there.’ (The corpse of the adventurer in the spider building became the representative of the Cult of the Dragon that meet his end before he could meet with the poachers. An interesting potential future storyline)

After returning to the tower with the eggs, the party attempted to bargain for the druids life with the eggs. Due to some very unfortunate rolls, it did not go as intended. In the ensuing chaos of battle, the party managed to release the real Reidoth from her captivity and with her help, they were almost able to defeat Venomfang. Instead, grievously injured she was forced to flee, barely escaping with her life. Having lost not just her lair but her eggs, she has sworn vengeance on them all. And that’s where we ended our session.

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I had planned for Venomfang to get her eggs back and still allow for her to be a potential member of the parties rogues gallery. Now she has a definite vendetta and I’m very excited for the possibilities that affords storytelling.

My question now going forward, is what could be some potential ways of dealing with these two green dragon eggs the party now has in their possession? I am aware the players might have their own ideas too but I want to think ahead and have some in my back pocket incase they are at a loss. Hope some other DMs might be able to advise me here, thanks.

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