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Long-time player, wanting to try DMing. Feeling unprepared behind the screen. Lots of questions.

hello, all! like i said in the title, i'm a pretty seasoned TTRPG player (several years of 5e and pathfinder 2e under my belt), and as such, i'm decently familiar with the mechanics of the game itself, and of different classes, having played several caster and martial ones. i also have inkarnate and dndbeyond.

i've had some friends express interest in starting a long-term 5e campaign, and because none of them have any experience, i'm the de-facto DM. i've done some reading and saw that peoples' number one recommendation before starting to DM is reading the PHB cover-to-cover. over the past few years, i've definitely done this maaaany times, but i'm still feeling woefully underprepared on the technical/DM side of things.

i'm just feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that goes into DMing, and had some questions about prep/behind the screen things.

  • what sourcebooks do you think are good to have, besides PBH and the DM guide? i'd like to take advantage of the upcoming holiday sales, but am unsure which ones people like best. tasha's cauldron? monster manual? volo? i do want to have a decent number of options available, not just for me, but for them, too.
  • are there podcasts or youtube channels/series/videos you'd recommend? especially regarding DMing for a group of people who are brand new to TTRPGs? the ones i've seen seem to assume everyone has a working understanding of the game.
  • for a session 0, are there particular things i should go over besides typical world-building stuff, party dynamics, and character creation? should it be done as a group, or with each player individually?
  • are there any simple (cheap/free) roll20 alternatives we could use? roll20's interface was clunky and not very intuitive to me, and i don't want the tabletop to be something they have to worry about as well.
  • literally anything else i could be forgetting?
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sorry for my (potentially overboard) worrying, and thank you in advance to anyone who responds!

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