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Looking for advice about our DM and his GF from other DMs

So, looking for some insight and some advice on how to handle a situation; I’ll try to be succinct but no promises.

For the last year or so, we’ve played a DnD game that consists of my husband, my brother, and two friends, one of whom is the DM’s GF. Generally this is a close group of people and in the time of Covid, our Roll20 session have been a huge factor of us keeping in touch and I don’t want to pull out of it completely, but I am at my wits ends with how to handle how GF acts and how the DM lets it happen.

To put it briefly, the GF is not only always the center of attention, but she’s incredibly impulsive and can cause a lot of stressful situations that honestly aren’t very much fun to RP out of. Yesterday, we had a session that lasted 2.5 hours, and I was keeping track of time loosely; she took over half an hour exploring, and then got captured in battle and kept trying to do insane and impossible things to sneak out, that even if she rolled highly weren’t going to happen. At the end of session before this one, I had snuck into a different part of the map. In the 2.5 hour game we literally never got to my character, despite the DM constantly encouraging his GF to reconvene with me. My husband and our other friend will also try and do things, but GF demands that her every whim and idea be played out and the DM doesn’t have the balls to railroad her a little and make it stop.

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In private convos with the DM, he agrees its an issue but I don’t think he realizes how boring playing with them has gotten, because it’s essentially always the GF’s game and we are supporting roles (if even that). He also doesn’t want to cause an IRL fight about it – which has happened when he’s told GF “no” about DnD things before. No one wants to end the game entirely because we all love the opportunity to play and socialize, but everyone does feel like playing has become a waste of time because none of us really get to RP. It’s 50-70% GF doing/saying things, and then the other four people take up the rest of the action, combined.

I’m personally getting to the point where I’m ready to quit. The DM has asked what I think he should do to handle the issue, but other than “just tell her ‘no’ and railroad her a little bit” I don’t have any advice.

Has anyone here been in a similar situation to the DM or the players? How did you resolve it (if you did?)

He seems open to advice and ideas but does really have other DMs to consult so I hope me posting here is okay! We’d like to find a way to keep playing but I’m afraid none of us have DM experience that would help solve the problem.

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