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Looking for advice on stealing gold from a player

Content of the article: "Looking for advice on stealing gold from a player"

There's something that I want to do, but I don't really want my player to hate me for it and so I'm looking for a tactical way to go about it.

This is a relatively new campaign, first one I'm DMing but not a new group.

One of the players announced to a collosseum filled with citizens from all over the city (including some poor people (although I didn't specifically point that out because it wasn't relevant at the time)) that they were getting paid 600GP each from the King and Queen to carry out a task.
The reason he announced it was because he was actually getting paid 300GP from the King and Queen but was trying to get them to publicly agree to the 600GP.
The King didn't particularly like that but because the task was important and the party was needed specifically, he ended up paying the 600GP (not in front of the crowd, this is just for context).

Now the thing is, I love DnD because ALL actions have consequences (good or bad), so to me, someone announcing to thousands of people that they are getting what some of those people wouldn't see in 10, 20, 30 years, maybe even a lifetime, puts a target on their head for theft.

I was going to have it so that the party was swarmed by children begging for coin and trying to sell daisy chains and other handmade knick knacks which is just a ruse while the party is pickpocketed. First there would be a check on my part to see if their passive perception is enough to catch any of the kids in the act. If they don't, they find out the next time they go to spend coin. If they do, my theory was, the coin would still be so enticing that if one of the kids was caught, another one might cut the coin purse of one of the players and there would be a scramble between the party and the kids to pick the coins up.

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The problem is, I don't want the player to think I'm just trying to seek revenge as a DM because he managed to get the extra 300GP from earlier. I think even if I literally say to him "This is because you announced to everyone that you had so much gold". He still might think that I'm just saying that to get back at him.

Any thoughts about how I should approach this? Would love any thoughts. Thanks! 🙂

PS My players are actually really good and understanding but still don't want to risk being seen as a DM that's trying to 'get back at them' especially because I genuinely loved that his character swindled the extra 300GP.

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