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Looking for feedback on a homebrewed “Ascended Kobold”

Content of the article: "Looking for feedback on a homebrewed “Ascended Kobold”"

Hello All,

To give a little backstory, I have a bit of module-frankenstein of a campaign in the works and unfortunately two modules I chose have the same boss creature. The modules work together thematically, but I don't want to them to face two dragons of the same color and life-stage one after the other. That feels boring.

So, my plan is to take a dragon of a different color (Green, Young) and then tune it down. Since it's a full CR above what they fought before (with some npc help) and they won't have leveled.

Thus enters the Green Ascended Kobold. For reference, the group that will be encountering this will be level 5, with 5 players, minimal resource drain beforehand. A couple min-maxed characters, but nothing bleeding-edge. There will be a small handful of beefed up kobolds (mid20's hp, little better modifier/weapon damage) and an ogre with the Ascended Kobold.

Note: This is a repost from r/DnDHomebrew, didn't seem like it was the right kind of post for them.


Murgyss, Medium, Lawful Evil

Ascended Green Kobold Acolyte

STR:15 (+2) – Save 2

DEX:16 (+3) – Save 6

CON:17 (+3) – Save 6

INT:16 (+3) – Save 3

WIS:13 (+1) – Save 4

CHA:15 (+2) – Save 5






Immune to Poison Damage and Condition

Deception+5, Perception+7, Stealth+6

Blindsight 30ft

Darkvision 120ft

Passive Perception:17


Multiattack: 3 (Bite x1, Claw x2)

Bite +7 2d10+2 Piercing +2d6 Poison

Claw +7 2d6+2 Slashing

Poison Breath (Recharge 5-6) 30 foot cone 8d8 poison damage on failed save DC14 Constitution, half on success


Legendary Actions (2 per turn)

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1-Gain Flyby until the end of his next turn

1-At the start of an enemy's turn, use Mold Earth to make the ground difficult terrain for them in a 20ft radius (DC14 Str to ignore)

1-Breath weapon recharges (only usable once)

2-Drop Ally – Pick up a willing creature Medium or smaller and drop it on another creature in range. Both creatures take bludgeoning damage equal to 1d6 per 10 feet and the falling creature makes an attack with its reaction. DC14 Dex save to avoid the creature, but still take the attack. (Avoid both on natural 20)

2-Pick Up Attack – Attempts to pick up an unwilling creature of medium or smaller and drop it from the highest height possible. DC14 Dex save to escape the attack, can be contested with acrobatics or athletics. When dropped the creature may use its reaction to make an attack of opportunity.


So, essentially I've taken a young green dragon, taken the HP down just a nudge and dropped the damage of the breath weapon by just a little so as to make it deadly without possibly killing someone outright on a lucky roll. However hoping to keep it threatening with the use of envenom and the drop attacks. I like the notion of deadly, but mobile creatures that don't just sit there and soak hits.

I've dropped the strength and upped the dexterity to fit a kobold slowly becoming a dragon and it has 1 less ac. More nimble, but more fragile.

However, I also know that I often take it a little easier on my players than need be. I have no desire to kill them outright, but I do want the challenge to feel appropriate and fun. I'm wondering if I should instead bump the HP a bit or make it more resilient in another fashion.

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They absolutely shredded a young black dragon, but they also had a small army at their backs. Lots of persuasion and foot work done. They earned the win, but going out at the top of round 3 felt a little quick (though to be fair they had a blast and were feeling pretty pumped, so in reality, perhaps nothing was wrong).

Please let me know what you think, if the format needs changed I can repost.

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