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Looking for feedback on an adventure idea

Content of the article: "Looking for feedback on an adventure idea"

Alright so for starters next to nothing has been put to paper yet and it is just a baseline idea but I’m curious on what you guys think.

Alright so the players start as tribesman in a tribe known as the Quartheen on the southern edge of mountains on a semi large island which they mostly have no knowledge of. There are 10 members of the tribe excluding the party and it is the first day after the thaw of winter. They are about to go on the annual opening hunt of the first spring. Before they leave however a wagon approaches with one man and a few goods in the back seeking the tribesmen. He claims to come bearing gifts as a symbol of peace from his town to the East. He gives them plenty of grain from their farms, some steel tipped arrows, a steel longsword, and some scale mail. He says he and his people wish to forge an everlasting peace between their two peoples.

After this he will get back on his wagon and say goodbye for now. The party will then be asked to also look for a fellow tribesman named Shiro who went out hunting 2 days ago and hadn’t returned. His wife and son are worried for him. The party should then set off and while hunting hear some loud voices and footsteps. When they investigate they will see 4 orcs carrying back a woman wearing town clothes as opposed to their tribal garments. She has a gag in her mouth but is attempting to scream nonetheless. The orcs are walking on an old unkempt path Northward talking about that nights feast. If the party should trail them they will discover an abandoned fortress with smoke plumes coming out of it.

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In said fortress they will see orcs manning the walls and if they get a good enough look they will see 4 orcs in cages who appear to have a dark red skin tone (this is my home brewed sub race known as blood orcs), 3 humans wearing similar clothing to the woman 1 male 2 female, and Shiro. They will also see goblins going around mixing things, eating, and shouting orders to scarcely dressed orcs with a brand on their forehead. They can see orcs patrolling the walls and eating at the fire pits. After a time they can see a hobgoblin emerge in full plate armor wielding a longsword and shield.

That’s all I have for the fortress description but I plan to write more. However in the outcome should the party kill them all or take the fortress another way and rescue those in cages one of the women in the cages who has shorter blonde hair and appears to be quite young will immediately ask which tribe they’re from. If they say the Quartheen she will immediately begin slightly trembling and apologize for what’s going to happen. She says that as they speak their village is likely being put to the torch.

That’s all I have so far but please tell me what you think.

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