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Looking for ideas for an upcoming dwarven caveman campaign

Content of the article: "Looking for ideas for an upcoming dwarven caveman campaign"

I've got this idea to do a campaign where everyone is a dwarf caveman. I want to impose some restrictions for this experienced group.

  • All PCs are dwarves
  • The only speak dwarf, no common
  • You can play a barbarian but not a fighter
  • You can play a druid but not a cleric
  • You can play a ranger, but not a Paladin
  • You can play a sorcerer but not a mage or warlock
  • You can play a rogue (scout), but no bard or monk
  • No metal is available

Here's the high level plot outline. I'm willing to change pretty much anything if you've got an idea:

  • PCs are tasked with building an outpost to the west. (Level 1)
    • They will be leading the mission, but several other townspeople will be coming along to help build the outpost.
    • Hex map exploration and nature survival for levels 1 and 2.
    • I plan on using pictures from real life nature scenery to increase immersion.
  • One night there is a great fog and in the morning things look different. (level 3)
    • PCs have been warped to a different land!
    • PCs are unaware at first, but eventually find enough discrepancies to know that they are far from home.
    • Problems with the town need fixing.
      • They will be menaced by a witch.
      • Town needs food / resources.
  • Once issues at home have been resolved, explore the new land (Level 5)
    • One night they see someone summoning monsters from a portal..
    • PCs also encounter others who were brought here in a similar manner, but they don’t speak the same language.
      • They also have "home bases" of sorts.
      • The others are aggressive and conflict will most likely result.
      • The others are from other time periods and lands.
      • This will be open ended, as I don’t know how the PCs will react
  • Eventually their home base will need to be defended. (level 6)
    • During this they briefly see a floating tower in the sky before it turns invisible.
    • PCs hopefully care enough about this to look for answers
    • Hopefully diplomacy happens with the other groups and they pool their resources.
    • They discover that people are coming from the tower and are spying on them.
    • They ambush one of these people and shake him down to get access to the floating tower.
    • (Alternate) – A disgruntled employee / participant shows them how to board the floating tower.
  • PCs warp to the Floating tower (Level 7-8)
    • They find all these opulent creatures staying at this “pleasure palace” style of hotel.
    • They make big bets on anything and everything that happens on the surface below.
      • Some bets are quick and others are based on longer term events (first civilization to be eliminated).
    • Chaos ensues as the PCs gain access to the floating tower.
    • Creatures flee to portals that take them to their various homes.
    • The wizard behind it all flees to his antechamber.
      • The PCs must endure challenges and trials.
      • Maybe a puzzle?
    • PCs finally get to the wizard and have a final confrontation.
    • They win in dramatic fashion.
    • He gets up and yells “CUT! That’s a wrap, people!”
      • Invisible sensors (cameras) begin to appear all around.
      • It was all the dramatic conclusion of season 6 all along!
    • PCs will probably be pissed and attack the wizard, who does not care about them personally or what they’ve been through.
      • He’ll be all confused and offended but explain to them that they have two options:
      • Option 1: Have him send them home with their cut (45,000 GP), all the knowledge they've gained, and everything they’ve acquired along the way. They'll be heroes!
      • Option 2: Attack the wizard and die where they stand.
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I'm looking for any ideas or suggestions you may have to flesh this out a bit. Encounters, NPC concepts, complications, general impressions about the whole deal, everything is good. Thanks!

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