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I am building my next homebrew campaign, and the end bosses are an old adventuring party – heroes turned villains. The leader/king is an half orc oath breaker paladin…who was an oath of the ancients paladin, but when his twin brother died in battle and they returned to bury him at home only to find his whole village was razed by humans, he lost it, essentially turning dark. I’m trying to figure out why the others would also turn dark…or go with this whole mess you know? So have y’all ever had characters go bad, or any ideas for me?

We have a Tempest Domain Cleric, who’s basically all about the money. He’s a sea elf (campaign is set on a series of islands) and he is basically sort of a pirate. He’s also somewhat new to the baddies, he wasn’t part of the original group. Likely he was just hired and is now part of the party.

We have an air genasi monklock, who’s chaotic neutral. Out of the seven, I think she’s the one who likely will turn on them, despite the fact she is quite loyal. I’m struggling to determine why she would have stayed so long though. Likely due to loyalty. She made a deal with an Great Old One, to save her little sister’s life. The girl had cancer or something, isn’t in the picture. She’s elsewhere in the world, trying to find her sister again. It’s because of this and her secret nurturing nature that I think she could be swayed (also DM Bias I guess, cause I love her LOL).

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Then there is a drow rogue fighter, who is chaotic neutral, but she’s done a bunch of messed up stuff in the past, and is 100% loyal to her friends, also romantically involved with the other fighter in the group. She doesn’t really care what happens to the people she doesn’t care about.

The fighter mentioned above is a Goliath, and is quite simple minded. He follows orders, and would lay down his life for his group. He obeys the laws, even if they cause misery or are unjust.

There is a half elf sorcerer who’s all about power and his destiny. He is very much about knowledge and crafting cool things, there will be an underwater city theme to this he is involved in. He’s kind of the glue to the group to? He is very confident in himself and can instill it in others.

Last but not least, a shifter bard. She’s very fluid, crazy…loves a good insult, good at defusing tension. Flippant is the word I am looking for! When the leader’s twin brother died, she came along soon after and joined the group. Trouble follows her around as well, so likely the group helped her and she in turn is loyal to her friends, because true friends are hard to come by.

My question is any ideas or inspiration for these people to turn bad? Essentially they all took over a city, and over the last 10-15 years it has gone sorely into disarray. Think Bioshock. The slums are overflowing, the rich step on the poor, and problems have been ignored too long. Things must be done, and this group essentially doesn’t realllllly care? Except for the genasi, just a bit. Thanks in advance!

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