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Looking for lore resources for a homebrew world based on standard lore

I want to warn you that I have a bit of a novel, but I would love specific advice or knowledge on resources. This is all within 5e but is flexible to homebrew.

So I am building a homebrew world. It has multiple continents and like 20+ countries (I don't have all my resources with me right now). Anyway, I'm planning on building this world over the course of a few months and I am starting to add lore. I would like to just piggyback off of a lot of standard lore, but then make my own adjustments. What resources do you suggest for really looking into the basics of D&D lore? I've been a DM for 2-3 years now and I have played and DM'd mostly homebrew worlds with official monsters and the occasional homebrew fling, but I have never really connected the monsters to their original lore too much, nor has my DM when I am a player really connected them. Mostly I am looking for how to set up the gods, alternate planes, and organize monsters.

More specifically, I am going to run an initial world-building campaign that will help flush out this world more for future campaigns and one-shots. Right now I am wanting to make sure I at least have the world created enough to get that campaign going in a month or two and then continue learning and flushing out the world as the campaign progresses. To give you an idea of what I am going for, I was hoping to do something involving Mystra, or whatever the current equivalent is. I am going to allow my PCs to go on quests to gather resources, and specifically shards that are part of the weave. They are also going to have to spend a fair bit of time in a library (if there is something like a huge central library that exists already that would be excellent to know). I intend to allow the party to actually make spells that will then be available as standard spells in future campaigns within this world.

In the end, I'm imagining a moment where they can make a significant contribution to repairing the weave that (if I understand correctly) is still damaged. This would be a level 20 type encounter. I then intend to give them a "level 21" so to speak where they get access to a 10th level spell. I would love guidance on 10th level spells as I haven't played editions before 5e.

I hope this all makes sense, but basically, I have read some stuff on the wiki, enough that I got this cool idea of doing a spell creation campaign focused on the damaged weave, but I don't know the rest of the lore to really back this concept up. I am not looking to make an exact copy of D&D lore, but I want to have that base and then modify it and it just all seems like a ton and I don't know where to start!

TL;DR You should probably read it if you are going to answer, but I'm looking to make a campaign centered around the weave, magic, 10th level spells, and the general lore. I need to know where to start so I can learn about it and then modify it for my homebrew world.

Thanks in advance! I know this is a big question.


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