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Any comments on these ideas are welcome. Please be completely honest. Feel free to tell me any part of this is terrible. I just ask that you tell me why it's terrible. If there's something you like let me know that too.

  • Setting: homebrew moderately high magic world which offers a lot of conveniences, e.g. even a small to mid-sized town will likely have a teleportation circle leading to a larger city or the capital. Approximately half to two thirds of the way through the campaign the setting will be decimated by the BBEGs. NPCs the PCs have met in the past will die or suffer losses. Many towns & cities they have visited will be destroyed or damaged. Most or all of the conveniences will be stripped away.
  • BBEGs & their motives: in short it's about fear & love. They are a couple, one a caster, the other wields physical & political power. Both will grow in power as the PCs do. One of them was either slain in a way that makes them difficult to resurrect or imprisoned in a way that makes them difficult to free. Regardless of which it is the killing/imprisonment will have been done by a powerful magic user leading the remaining BBEG on a quest to help their lover and decide that only "the right people" should be allowed to wield magic. Once resurrected/freed the PCs are now in twice as much jeopardy and the couple begins to conquer the world by force. Formerly unaligned forces now willingly align themselves with the BBEGs. Their armies might even introduce firearms as a means to combat magic users without having to wield magic themselves. They'll eventually develop an anti-magic device of some sort. I'm considering making it siphon magic and channel it to the caster BBEG, possibly embedded in some sort of large, mobile, destructive object. I'm not partial to what form the object takes but I was thinking it should be something that's an obvious show of force causing the opposition to seriously consider retreating from wherever it is deployed. The PCs will probably learn how to counteract its magic siphoning abilities at some point.
  • The henchmen/diversion: I'm stealing & tweaking the villains from King's Bounty, an old game that was the precursor to the Heroes of Might & Magic series. The game's entry for each one gives a description of the villain & list of their crimes which will provide a strong basis for building characters, and looking at the armies in their castles will give me some idea of what kind of forces they'll have at their disposal.
  • Early subplot: while returning from their first quest the PCs will encounter a group of goblins who try to subdue the PCs and steal the trophies that were proof of completion of their quest. The leaders of the goblins will be a pair of brothers, a booyahg & a trickery cleric. They were forced to flee their territory along with a couple dozen other goblins. The brothers were deemed by the BBEG's faction as the wrong sort to wield magic. Later the PCs will encounter these same goblins in distress and can decide whether to help them survive or let them die. If they choose the former it can help them later when the PCs form a resistance after the BBEGs rise to power. Might make the idea of looking for help from unexpected places a minor recurring element.
  • Possible subplot: the PCs will work for the remaining BBEG for a time. The world uses a guild system to represent each class, e.g. fighters' guild, clerics' guild, etc, and each guild will offer patrons (quest givers). The guilds are a trusted establishment so the PCs likely won't question the motives of a series of requests from this patron. I'm thinking they should meet face to face so they can recognize the BBEG as one of their former patrons.
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