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Looking for some advise for my Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign. Spoilers ahead.

Content of the article: "Looking for some advise for my Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign. Spoilers ahead."

Hi, I'm a rookie DM and have been playing the Lost Mine of Phandelver with my group. We finished Cragmaw Castle yesterday and I have come up with a couple of ideas to add to the campaign before they head to Wave Echo Cave.

The thing is, my players became friends with Yimick in the first dungeon by killing Klarg. What they did not know is that by returning to the castle, Yimick would organize a rebellion against King Grol and that he himself would end up being the king. Arriving at the castle and seeing it so full of goblinoids, my players decided to use the liquor barrels to set them on fire and create a distraction to rescue Gundren. Upon reaching the king's room, the group's bard decided to use the sleep spell even though he recognized Yimick in hopes that the Drow / Doppleganger would also fall asleep. After narrowly saving Gundren and taking down the drow, they decided to take Yimick and wake him up in the forest to talk to him without him realizing their castle had been burned down. However, after talking to Yimick and telling him that he had been saved from the drow, the goblin returned to the castle and that was how the session ended.

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The idea I have is that Yimick, seeing what has happened to his castle, wants to take revenge and launch an attack on Phandalin. The idea of ​​the characters trying to defend the town seems very cool to me but I have some doubts. The first doubts have to do with the plot since I don´t know if the attack on Phandalin would be justified because the players only killed the archers at the entrance of the castle without there being more witnesses. They also faced the hobgoblins who were guarding the king´s bedroom when the players were fleeing after killing the drow but they used the Sleep spell again to avoid the combat. Yimick might think that the Black Spider agent´s are responsible for the fire because he intended to get more money from them in exchange for the map and Gundren's life.

Also, I do not know to what extent Phandalin could withstand an attack from the goblins, since the only "militia" they had were the bandits of the Red Brand, but they already have been defeated. On the other hand, the characters would not have time to prepare the defense, since they do not know that the goblin attack is going to take place and they are also only three people although they could count on the help of some NPCs capable of fighting. I also have doubts about how to plan the attack so it can be fair and fun for my players because it is obvious that they cannot face a whole tribe of goblins. Is all this worth putting in the game? Could you give me some advice? Thanks a lot.

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