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Looking to find a world map making tool that can serve as a source of good, readable notes for players

Content of the article: "Looking to find a world map making tool that can serve as a source of good, readable notes for players"

So, let me set the scene. I'm a moderately experienced GM, looking to try something different with a group of players who aren't quite into the typical D&D experience and want something new as well. My idea is this: A more open-world style villain campaign where players are encouraged to set their own goals with the eventual objective of pulling the entire world under their influence. Obviously, that sounds like a tricky campaign that could easily go awry and might not even appeal to most players, but let's assume for a moment that I'm aware of that and have found a way to solve all those issues and my players are totally on-board with the ideas I'm trying.

For this, the biggest thing that I need is a really, really good map: If my players want to conquer Citytownsville, after doing their research they need to be able to see, at a glance, that the city council is corrupt, that the city is beset by yearly minotaur herd attacks, and that the nearby witches coven has a vested interest in the city as well. And using that information, they can formulate a plan to take control of the city. So, I want all that information to be easily viewable on a map, in the form of the name of the city and a short series of bullet-points showing what they know about it.

Here's the problem… I can't figure out how to accomplish that with any of the tools that I've found! My best attempt was to try using a flowchart-maker to construct these little bullet point boxes, then paste them over a map made in another program. But this is slow, and relies on doing so much manually! In a perfect world, it would be editable on the fly, so that every time the players discover something new they can see it added to the map in real time. But, so far, I haven't been able to find anything that can accomplish this remotely well!

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Any ideas? If all else fails, I can always build the map manually using an image editor and edit it as we go along. But, that's not ideal, so if anyone has any advice for this, I'd love to hear it!

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