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Loose Cannons

During a spot of rough sea, a cannon brakes loose. A once potential source of aid has now become a serious threat to party, crew and ship. Each rock and pitch of the ship sends the cannon hurtling across deck in unpredictable patterns, mashing anything in its way. Risking life and limb, the crew attempt to fix the cannon, all the while praying that the squall pass quickly.


The Gun: It' a massive piece of metal. It can't be reasoned with or intimidated. Its movements are random, but the damage is terrifying. Scatter dice are used to determine direction, and numeric dice for distance.

FIRE! Some point during the chaos a lamp was knocked down and a fire has broken out. If noticed early, it can be put out otherwise it'll continue to grow. The added light to the normally dark quarters is helpful to those without darkvision but those with it may find by the smoke a hindrence.

Water: Boats always take on water over the course of a journey, but the old girl is taking on more than usual. It's rushing through the gun ports and perhaps the cannon as made some new ones. Some of the crew are going to be busy removing water.


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It could be a mast is down, the crew is smaller or some goods are lost, but those can be repaired, replaced and stolen repurchased. The crew, a tight knit community of seasoned sailors, a typically superstitious lot, has survived a harrowing experience with the party who have even earned some of their respect.

Some players may have even stood out. A quick thinking bard, with their ability to judge a room, brought order to confusion by issuing commands. Maybe the barbarian ended up on top of the cannon at one point, so impressing the crew that they've dubbed him "Cannon Fucker" as a show of respect. Those injured by the destruction may be healed by the much needed cleric or may the crew simply attribute their survival to their presence. Maybe the captain is even a little less tight lipped about certain information.


Tattoos can be a way for sailors to identify each other and tattoos often have special meaning such as serving as wards against certain things, membership to a group or marking an achievement. Tattoo artists may not give tattoos or a specific tattoo unless that player is vouched for by a member of a group.

I got my idea from the following link as it does a great job of portraying what being on deck with a loose cannon was like. https://americanliterature.com/author/victor-hugo/short-story/a-fight-with-a-cannon

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