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Machine’s Underground(Campaign 2)

Content of the article: "Machine’s Underground(Campaign 2)"

Be me: Kin Kitsune Summoner, Arallas (Kin's Eidolon), Saturo Kitsune Druid (Kin's Cohort)

Be not me: DM, MoonSong Ponykind Rogue, Hiss'r Drakeling Psion, Darious Forgborn Psion, Ari Kobold Gunslinger

Session opens as we're still in the underground facility with the strange golems…

Holed up in a room as we prepare for a rest to recover our vigor and magic for pressing deeper in.

We determine our shifts, Ari, Moon, Hiss'rBad things happen when my characters are on watch so no watch for me.

Ari's watch: High… 4… now bad things happen. Perception 15…

Noises from deeper in… the Kobold takes cover in the mechanical corpses of our previous enemies

Hearing voices… musket aimed down range.

They approach, speaking ancient common…

Linguistics to understand… 11. Not great, not shit.

One of them walks in and spies the sleeping party… starts shouting and then *ka-*boom off goes Ari's musket.

One solid shot to the enemy and a call to action for the party.

The enemy strides in as Kin awakes via the boom of the gun, summoning an elemental reflexively.

Lightning doesn't seem to hurt the constructs much…

As everyone rouses we prepare for the battle.

Moon renders one dead with a well-placed arrow.

Scrap-Bots rush in!

Light scuffle before the draconic psion lets off their corrosive aura….

People need to save!

Lightning Elemental nice and quick takin' half damage.

Ari 5ft steps back as she continues to blast 'em

The elemental gets in another swing as Kin buffs the party with Haste, good hit too.

Our mechanical psion joins the fight with a line of electricity

Now for the pony to make her move… maybe another kill? Nope but some damage

Saturo wakes up late… rises and burning gaze… set on fire but no damage.

The Scrap-bots assault the elemental with their saws… one fails the other gets a good cutting in

Their leader, a mannequin, slams on Hiss'r… or would have if she wasn't so good at dodging, even while prone

Her aura however melts the rest of the electric elemental.

Not good, more of them rush into the now open space.

Hiss;r reposition to better melt the scrap heaps dodging blades as she goes.

Mass confusion as the robots cores are all damaged.

Hiss;rs familiar, Sayar, manages to actually hit something!

Our gunslinger again leaps back from melee to make best use of their boomsticks… deftly begins reloading

Kins turn… no Elemental? Time to summon a new one!

New lightning strikes… and strikes one of the bots rather hard.

Mechanical Psion swaps energy types.

Moon flank kills with Ari's help

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The scrap bots try for a crit… nope.

More acid aura melting down the bots from Hiss'r

Lightning elemental surges forward and strikes the last one standing.

Cold beam from out evil metal man.

Didn't knock it down yet.

More of a burning gaze from Saturo… it's still standing

A bolt of sound comes from our draconic psion to strike down the bot

Not quite dead yet but our gunslinger has it covered.

The next watch begins as the casters try to get their rest…

Something said between the reptiles in draconic but nobody translated…

Ari glomps onto Kin as they try to rest… Moon's watch

Strange things go bump in the night while Moon watches.

Moon's watch goes OK… uneventful.

Now who was taking third watch?

…we're putting a familiar on watch. What could possibly go wrong?

A red-suited mannequin approaches on the familiar's watch…

It walks into the room and looks over the corpses of everything we've killed… and slowly backs away.

The familiar lets the rogue and gunslinger know what happened… let's them know it watched the party then left. Probably more enemies on the way now.

Critically failed perception check… no apparent change, but I guess we just can't perceive it

The party awakens and prepares for the next stage in the dungeon crawl.

The info about the red-suited scout is disseminated to the party… we're definitely going to be walking into more traps now.

We head out down the hallway, lead by the miniaturized dragon psion.

Sculptures of machine soldiers… maybe just machine soldiers playing statue.

There's a large door… the soldier mechs seem to be focusing on it. It has a card-reader…

The kitsunes definitely not sneaking as they follow along behind the dragon with the party.

Ari mentions not clearing the room of the 'statues' is a great way to get shot in the back.

…it's a bit quiet as we make our way through the facility… too quiet.

We come to a great chamber… some strange statues in the center.

A marketplace…

The party slightly splits up examining the strange place.

Hiss'r finds something interesting and calls for the Kobold to help check it out…

A gunshop… all the guns are broken but the gunslinger might be able to find something of value.

More of the party goes to check it out but the rogue and kitsunes stay out for now.

The rogue smells something… wonders over to investigate.

The guns pretty much vaporize at first touch.

Ari continues, carefully, to try and salvage something.

Ari goes working quietly as she works on salvaging anything she can.

Kin studies the statue, likely mannequins, atop the fountain… keeping still but Kin's not letting them off the hook.

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Moon manages to find the source of the smell… a bag suspiciously sitting out in the open. The perfect trap for a gullible gullible pony.

The pony isn't THAT gullible, she checks for traps first.

She looks over the bag… and will save. Drooling wanting the tasty tasty candy…

Moon resists it and manages to wonder into the next trap… a chest covered in buttons that Hiss'r is examining in the back room of the gunshop.

Hiss'r asks about writing found anywhere…

Moon reiterates she thinks the writing on the bad she found said 'world's sweetest candy'

Saturo walks by and gets a wiff of the candy as he's mostly just pacing.

Moon trots over to get the bag for Hiss'r… and another Will Save.

Sudden overwhelming urge to take a candy… Will Save to resist. She's got just enough willpower.

Hiss'r looks over the bag and tries typing words and numbers into the chest… the chest beeps but nothing happens.

Hiss'r asks about more righting, Kin points our a plaq on the fountain and Saturo plaqs on the stalls.

They're worn down but something can be made out.

More attempts to input things… a name, Paul, is put into the chest and we get a green light and positive beep from the chest… no other words get good results.

We find another name that works, Maurice, but the third name, Bob, doesn't…

Kin & Arallas blink… the statues reposition, in the space of a blink.

Call the rest of the party…

They didn't scrutinize the statue beforehand… they don't see it.

Kin tries to explain how their pose is different from how it was before.

Kin looks crazy as he points out little details.

The Rogue, Moon, confirms that they are mannequins.

Now Kin, Arallas, Saturo, & Moon are watching the statues to minimize accidental synchronized blinking.

Hiss'r finds a riddle… nobody knows how to decypher it.

There's fuckery afoot as the group watching the statues are induced to blink together giving them a chance to move again.

The familiar tries to join the dance but can't… so Hiss;r comes out to try herself.

They reject Hiss;r until she enlarges herself for the dance.

Hiss'r is passed a note asking if she's suitable for the dance…

Hiss'r confirms and joins the dance. Dex check…

A wounding dance later we get another not with the solution to the riddle and we finally open the chest.

Guns! The chests, or at least the smaller chests within it, have guns in them.

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These weapons seem more like modern firearms than the flintlocks we're use to.

They psion and gunslinger get to gunsmithing.

Looking like a rather nice revolver can be made.

The guns are sized medium… so our Kobold has a -2 if they try to use them being too small.

We've got a kit for a modular firearm of medium size, it can be one of several configurations but they're all medium.

The gunslinger and psion take their sweet sweet time examining everything and taking detailed notes so that they will be able to properly maintain the new weapon, make ammunition, and possibly replicate parts for it.

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