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Mage’s Extra dimensional Tower rooms and Impediments?

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I'm making a magical artifact based off of the Folding Halls of Halas, from critical roll, called Pentathol's Peculiar Palace.

So, a little backstory. My party (currently level 5) is the last remnants of the resistance against a continent spanning dictatorship, and they need a home base. I want that base to be this extradimensional palace. My plan is for this place to be ancient and, because of that, slightly malfunctioning. In order to make it a suitable base of operations, the party will need to travel through the palace, fixing the bits that have begun to malfunction, in what will essentially be a dungeon crawl. Also, Pentathol was obsessed with the letter p and pentagons, as any crazy wizard with his salt is a bit nuts.

This wizard also has protections in place in some of the rooms in the form of some kind of miasma or room effect, such as the Pendulum, the room that controls time flow in the tower, being a literal pendulum imposing disadvantage on ranged attacks, or the Powder Room, essentially a dressing room, being filled with a perfume that can impose disadvantage on wisdom saving throws, making it harder for the party to resist the succubus and incubus attending the room.

All of the rooms have names starting with the letter P, and have a loose theme based on their name, for example the Page is a library.

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I have come up with quite a few of the rooms and what challenges the party will face in them will be, but I need some help with the rest. I have a vague idea of the theme for each room, but am always open to better ideas. I would like ideas on a Wizards use for the room, a challenge to be faced, something that might be malfunctioning (possibly tied to the challenge), and an effect present in the room that can be saved against to prevent its effects. I will provide examples of the rooms I have made already to give a better idea of what I'm looking for. I know this is kinda complex so sorry for that.

Rooms I have completed:

The Parlor: The entry room for the palace. No challenge or defect. An illusion of Pentathol explains what needs done to fix the palace.

The Privy: A fancy restroom like one in a really nice restraint. Attended by an imp who "knows a guy" for everything. Will try and make a deal with the party for his freedom (making a new deal frees him from his prior deal). If the party frees him they will waste time trying to get out of the room to go anywhere else.

The Powder Room: A magic dressing room with every kind of clothes imaginable. Attended by a succubus and incubus who will try and dress the party as scantily as possible. A perfume pervades the room. Con save or disadvantage on wisdom saves.

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The Pantry: Large warehouse like room filled with food protected from the hill giant guarding the room by a magic barrier. The smell of the food is magically enticing. Intelligence save or the party finds it irresistible. The hill giant won't attack the party unless they take some food and don't share with him.

The Planes: A biosphere that provides the food for the pantry. Guarded by three stone defenders that are malfunctioning. If the party steps off the path or kills anything, including the insects biting them, the stone defenders will attack them.

The Plaza: A large plaza that connects to a few other rooms. Once the tower is fixed the plaza will connect with every room in the palace. No challenge in this room.

The Pit: A crevice where failed robotics experiments were dumped. Five pentadrones that used to fully destroy failed experiments will attack the party, as their sensors view anything moving as a malfunctioning construct.

The Pendulum: A tower that controls the time flow in the tower. The towers swinging gives disadvantage on ranged attacks. The party must answer a riddle to progress up each floor. Wrong answers release constructs to attack them.

The Page: A library. A Sphinx guards the lower floors where all the books are kept. The party must answer a riddle to gain access. No dangers or malfunctions are present in this room.

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Rooms I haven't Planned:

The Pagoda

The Pond

The Park

The Potionry

The Pyramid

The Painting room

The Port

The Planetarium

The Past

The Perch

The Post

The Prison

The Prism

The Peak

The Porch

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