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Magic Tattoo (Custom) for the underdark – help needed

So i'm running an underdark campaign and i wanted some weird magic items and i saw the ones in tasha's and tried to create my own. This was a reward for defeating a lvl 7 drow sorcerer and his bodyguards so i wanted it to be something good. The player rolls a d12 and matches it up to the god in the image to gain a tattoo that grants a particular power based on the gods domain/profile.

Images I made up for the players(disclaimer: used some googled art):


  • Lolth (formerly Araushnee) : Goddess of assassins, chaos, darkness, drow, evil and spiders. – Gain a +2 bonus to deception checks. You gain a permanent swarm of spiders that live under your skin and burst out whenever you make a successful attack. On successful attack you can do one of the three following actions: cause an extra 1d6 damage, cause the poisoned condition 1/day, or move you 5ft in any direction.
  • Selvetarm – god of drow warriors and slaughter – Webs wrap around any open wound preventing the bleeding effect. When brought to 0 hp the wearer is cocooned for 1 round and automatically stabilizes. On the wearers next turn after cocooning, they burst out wrapped in webbed armor giving +2 AC for 1minute (they regain 2d4+2 hp).
  • Eilistraee : Goddess of beauty, dance, song, freedom, moonlight, swordwork, and hunting. – Gain proficiency in performance (or a +2 bonus if already proficient) and gain the ability to move out of threatened squares without incurring opportunity attacks. Also 2/day you can turn any attacks made against you that miss into a riposte.
  • Ghaunadaur : God of all things subterranean, jellies, oozes, outcasts, rebels, ropers and slimes. – Ability to take an ooze form 1/day for 1 hour. Works as polymorph: gray ooze.
  • Kiaransalee : Goddess of undead, necromancy, and vengeance. Selvetarm : God of drow warriors and slaughter. – soul harvest – When dealing the killing blow to a living(non-undead/construct/etc) enemy you gain a black ring on the hand of kiaransalee tattoo (up to 3). You may expend these black rings to either deal 2d4+2 necrotic damage to a target up to 30ft away as a bonus action, cast revivify on a target you touch, or summon a zombie (¼ CR) for 12 hours.
  • Vhaeraun : God of drow males, evil activity on the surface, territory, thievery, and arrogance. – Negates sunlight sensitivity . disguise self 1/day that works even if psionic or magical means are attempting to identifying the wearer of the tattoo.
  • Malyk : An aspect of Talos, who patronized wild magic, faded after Mystra could not endure him infringing on her monopoly over magic. He became a separate deity from Talos after the Second Sundering, god of chaos, rebellion, and wild magic. – Permanent result from the wild magic surge table. If you would roll on the wild magic table, roll twice.
  • Zinzerena : The original goddess of assassins and chaos. Her position was absorbed by Lolth during the Time of Troubles.<26> She returned, as a single being, after the Second Sundering, goddess of assassination, illusion, and lies.> – Automatically pass a stealth check (auto-20, no modifiers) 1/day , gain the ability to sneak attack while stealthed this way. Sneak attack damage is 2d6.
  • Garl Glittergold – god of trickery , gnomes, and treasure – Whenever you roll for coins, gain an extra 1d100 (converted to a %) in gold/silver/gems/etc. If you are a deep gnome you roll 2d50 instead and combine the results into the % of extra coins gained.
  • Torog , king who crawls – God of blood, death,trickery,torture – 10ft tremorsense , also can use the mold earth cantrip (but it can be used to grapple a target if they fail a spell save dc). also gain hold person 1/day.
  • Gruumsh – God of violent storms, orcs, wars – “Blood Vengeance” – Whenever an ally goes to zero or negative hp as the result of an enemy attack, you gain the aggressive trait towards whatever enemy caused the damage and you become “raging” as per the barbarian class ability until your opponent is dead.
  • Ilsensine – God of illithids, mind control, psionics – roll on the psionic wild talent table (https://www.enworld.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=85957&d=1499495432)

Just looking for feedback on the powers. The party is level 4 but if someone with more veteran 5e eyes could look and see if any are broken or needed limitations etc it would help a lot.

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