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Magical forest and even more magical tree – how should PCs earn the access to it?

Content of the article: "Magical forest and even more magical tree – how should PCs earn the access to it?"

Dear hive mind, here I come asking for your help once again.

Long story not so short – my team (5 people, level 9) is on a quest for "the Collector", who (being my variation of the homebrew Collectori race) is a semi-living, sentient magic encased in a construct body (that he himself develops over time). He wants to become an actually living being, but as powerful as he is – he still needs some artefacts. Among those – a fruit from the "Tree of Life" allegedly granting immortality. The team has already made their way to the forest. They've learned some facts about the forest, the tree and the fruit – e.g.:

  • animals, beats, plants and other creatures inhabiting the forest has been acting weird for a few days now, attacking everyone who ventured to deep into the woods as if they were protecting their home more fiercely than before – but I haven't figured out against what yet…
  • the tree is guarded by some "guardian spirits" who must let them take the fruit before they do,
  • the immortality the fruit grants is far from what they could've imagined or hoped for (but it's fine for a construct like the Collector).

They've fought their way through the most of the forest (and scared away a coven of green hags, which was madly hilarious), and now they head straight to the tree. I don't even know how to stop or slow them down, so I'm not even trying any more (they decided to come to the forest way sooner that I expected, and I didn't have the chance to think some things through). But the most important part is – they can't just walk to the tree and simply pick the fruit from it.

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Here comes my question: What could the spirits want them to do, to prove themselves worthy?

The forest borders:

  • a desert (to the west) – being an enchanted prison of a mad demigod (with whom they made a pact),
  • a hostile (to everybody) country of lizardfolk (to the north) – but it's separated from the forest by a deep and wide gorge created generations ago by the druids,
  • an ocean.

The world we're playing in is rather dangerous, full of war and conflict, partially conquered by demons, haunted by "wild" undead (currently spawned randomly by a being not controlling it's power they're about to meet some time in the future). If anyone company Karthun – I was strongly inspired by it and it's a lot alike.

I was thinking about some undead plague or oceanic creatures trying to invade the forest, or some other being that for example killed one of the forest's guardians and now is settling comfortably in their abode, but nothing really works for me… A devil they could also pact with? I don't know…

Please help and throw your ideas at me 🙂

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