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Making games more exciting as a player – roleplay tips

Content of the article: "Making games more exciting as a player – roleplay tips"

I've been playing as a player and a dm for about a year now and I absolutely love the game. I've studied the game to the point where I know how it works and I've had some amazing experiences in both roles. The problem I run into is with most groups, I'm introducing people to the game or playing with less experienced players, This is really fun in its own way, but I have trouble getting them into the roleplay portion of the game. This could be partially because we play online now (the vid and whatnot), but even before the pandemic, this is something I find happening often.

In my main campaign, I play as a Cleric and we have 4 other players: Two people new to the game, one that's played a bit before, and the other that's played quite a bit. Our dm knows what she's doing and she does really well in writing interesting characters and making good plot hooks that have kept everyone interested for a good 8 or so sessions. I find during roleplay encounters or anything besides combat, it's myself and the more experienced player that tend to lead with the talking, and even when the newer players are being talked to directly it's hard for them to respond sometimes. This leads to the newer players getting bored and not paying attention and we have to recap every now and then. Our dm involves them heavily (the first plot hook was all about finding one of the new player's finance) but I want to be able to help in a way that doesn't interrupt or detract from it being all about them.

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My question is how can I, as a player, involve these new players in a way that they will still enjoy the game? These players are more on the shy side and we've talked as a group about how they just aren't as comfortable roleplaying yet and I want to be able to help move the group along without being a nuisance to the dm and always leading in group decisions.

TLDR: Tips for a player to help make the game fun for newer shy players that aren't comfortable with roleplaying yet.

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