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Making my first dungeon centered on a Wizard Tower and would love some suggestions

If you play Galileo or Yasu, get out of here.

I've seen a few posts now with a similar concept for a Wizard Tower dungeon that revolves around the 8 Schools of Magic and some of them have been very helpful with getting ideas flowing. I'm still stuck on a few though and would love help either with ideas or if something seems imbalanced or needs reworking.

The backstory is my party is going to save a Wizard that has been held captive by a group of bandits. The tower has activated its defense system and now the party has to go through each floor to reach the top. I'm really trying to make each floor not combat focused, but am also struggling to think of creative puzzles for each. My ideas so far are:

  1. The first floor, the Foyer, is based on Abjuration. Just a door locked with Arcane Lock and a Glyph of Warding is set on it if anyone were to break it down. Can be opened with an incredibly high Strength check or Sleight of Hand check, Dispel Magic, a hidden key in the room, or the password "Abjuration". An easy first floor with a few methods that shouldn't hurt the party unless they really screw it up.

  2. Dormitory based on Illusions. Each room has a different Illusion the party must deal with. Fight an Invisible creature, don't go up the Phantasmal Force stairs, succeed against a Fear projection. Once all doors are open the real door's illusion will break and reveal itself.

  3. Potions room with an Enchantment theme. The ceiling is coming down in a minute and the party must drink the correct potion to find the door. A d10 decides the potion's effect. 1-9 will make them sleep, fall on the floor laughing, be paralyzed, fight an ally, etc. Anything to slow them down before they can roll that 10 to get out. Could end very early or very late.

  4. A training room with Evocation. I feel of any school, Evocation should be the most combat-heavy floor. An Iron Golem stands at one end with a switch behind it. The floor is difficult terrain and the party must get from one end to the other to turn off the switch. Iron Golem will attack whoever is closest to it with Evocation spells that get stronger and stronger. Fight-or-flight here where they decide if they dash through taking hits or try to beat the Golem as a team.

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So those are the ones I feel the best about. Other ideas I had was a library with transmutated books, ladders, bookcases that attacked the party. Or a floor that houses familiars that can use Conjuration spells. Necromancy I'm having a hard time with. An armory with cursed weapons? I'm worried all of these would be too combat focused though and drain the party of HP and spell slots after so many floors.

Thanks to anyone who reads this and has feedback. I'm still new to DMing and worry about balancing and pacing.

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