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Mansion Lair Design Suggestions

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First off let me just elaborate by saying that I’ve begun to set up a purely RP driven political intrigue part of my campaign for my players to take part in with a dungeon crawl at the end,the main monster they’ll be dealing with is a former adventurer female cambion half-dragon bard (college of whispers) with Zariel traits rather then standard cambion features named Xylira Kass.

She has been ruling the criminal underworld of the city they’re in for nearly two decades, while residing within her lair which is a very lavish and opulent mansion.

Now my question is when it comes to such a lair that I’ve come up with, is there any suggestions that anyone can come up with in terms of the layout of the Lair itself, because so far I only have the following and I wish to really make my players experience within it arduous yet ultimately memorable and fun:

“Xylira’s lair which is a very decadent mansion also serves a brothel and casino for the many well connected clientele of the city, the “compatriots” serve as the mansions servants when they’re not “entertaining guests”, whom for most part are willing to be given such roles for free room and board and to once in awhile satisfy their own carnal desires.”

“Various fountains decorate the foyer of the building where guests can grasp a cup while they wait for entry and partake in what seems merely refreshing cool water, yet upon consumption they taste their most preferred beverage or intoxicating spirit”

“Exquisitely chiseled humanoid statues in various delectable positions litter the courtyard of the lair,in reality they’re actually gargoyle sentries awaiting to deal with any hostile outside forces for their mistress.”

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This is all I have so far and I only have so long before my players will be going to her lair as guests for a party she is hosting for the myriad of the city’s guild leaders, and I merely wish to be prepared for my more inquisitive/curious players who’ll most likely try to explore during the event itself to make it memorable both aesthetically and very challenging.

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