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Marivaldi’s Cold Winter Years (Level 4 Adventure)

Content warning: dementia

*This horror adventure deals with the effects and consequences of a wizard getting dementia, with various symptoms physically and magically manifesting themselves, and at times directly affecting the characters. If you are unsure whether your players would be comfortable with the events in this adventure, especially the climactic encounter with a very confused and distressed wizard, consider discussing the themes with your players beforehand, even if that means giving spoilers*


This adventure is suitable for a party of Level 4 adventurers. They are sent to the home of Marivaldi, a retired wizard who lives in seclusion in a forest. Unfortunately, Marivaldi’s mind has deteriorated with age, taking a particularly sharp decline in the last few months. The very house around him is being warped by his degraded cognition, his magical powers unspooling in an uncontrolled and hazardous way. This has trapped his daughter and granddaughter, while Marivaldi himself is too scared and confused to do anything. The party must navigate the house, subdue Marivaldi, and rescue the family.


Anton Marivaldi (usually referred to as just Marivaldi) was a wizard of great renown in his day, a practitioner and pioneer of mainly illusion and transmutation schools of magic. As he grew older, he eventually chose to retire from his college, and had a home built in some peaceful woods near where had grown up many decades prior. Retirement was at first a much-needed respite from the world, where Marivaldi could enjoy his winter years in peace, but sadly over the years his mind started to degrade. His daughter, Donna, and granddaughter, Luisa, endeavoured to visit every few weeks, though it has been several months since their previous visit. At that time, Donna was rehabilitating her husband, Jose, after he suffered a serious injury falling from a wagon. Now that he’s mobile enough to be self-sufficient, Donna and Luisa left their home 2 weeks ago, and have not been seen since.

Adventure hooks:

Find My Family: Jose has contacted the party to try and track down his wife and daughter, concerned for their safety, and unable to make the journey himself. He offers 200GP for their safe return.

Couriers for a Colleague: A former understudy of Marivaldi’s had requested a book owned (and perhaps written) by the wizard, but his letters have gone unanswered. Busy in their own studies, and unaware of any other issues, they enlists the party to pay Marivaldi a visit to pick up the book in person. They offer them 200GP as couriers.

Howls Near the Hamlet: Gerald, from Mouse's Ear, has sent a letter to a friend, detailing their fears and concerns regarding Marivaldi, after hearing screams coming from the forest for multiple nights. The friend contacts the players to go investigate, offering a 200GP reward for information.

Maps: the maps for the hamlet of Mouse’s Ear, and Marivaldi’s House, can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/V9FadRg

The Hamlet of Mouse's Ear

The hamlet, named after the small blue flowers that grow in the area, is situated 3 hours’ walk away from Marivaldi’s abode, at the point at which the path to his house diverges from the main road.

There are 4 houses in the hamlet. The southernmost one is owned by Ophelia and Daryn, an older couple whose children have since moved away. Both are affable, and Ophelia will likely flag the party down to greet them when they approach. They live in a modest cottage, and grow enough crops to remain self-sufficient. If the party speaks with them, they will discover that Donna and Luisa actually stayed with the couple a few weeks ago, when a particularly torrential storm hit and forced the pair to take shelter. The couple hosted them for the night before Donna and Luisa left in the morning. The pair had not realised that the mother and daughter are missing, as it’s not unusual for them to pass through the hamlet without stopping, so Ophelia and Daryn assumed they had just missed them on their way back.

The eastern cottage is owned by Grank, a gruff widower half-orc who maintains a small herd of cows and pigs. He mostly keeps to himself, but will entertain any inquiries from the players. If they do ask about Marivaldi, he’ll inform them that the wizard used to purchase meat from him, but he hasn’t seen the old man in months now. Grank hadn’t mentioned this to anyone else as he’d lost a couple of his herd to wolves, and would otherwise have been short of food himself.

The western cottage is home to a family of 6 known as the Chaffs. They maintain a field of wheat and mill it for flour, some of which they use for their own cooking, but most gets sold or traded at a nearby town. As the only group in the hamlet that actively engage in commerce, their house is a little nicer than the others, however they are also far busier as a result. The children will direct the players towards Mildred Chaff, who says that they last sold flour to Marivaldi several months ago and didn’t expect another order until next season. The whole family are unaware of any issues regarding the wizard.

The northernmost cottage is owned by an elderly couple named Gerald and Hannah. Hannah became deaf in her 30s, and the pair communicate in a rudimentary sign language (the rest of the hamlet know enough to get by). If the players inquire with them, Gerald will take them to one side and admit that recently, he thinks he’s begun hearing screams at night coming from the woods. He hasn’t mentioned it to the rest of the hamlet as he doesn’t want to scare people, especially the children, but he fears it has something to do with Marivaldi. If you use the Howls Near the Hamlet adventure hook, he’ll confirm that he wrote the original letter requesting help from his friend.

Marivaldi’s House

Whether or not the party stop to talk to any of the villagers, they continue along the path into the woods for a couple of hours, before arriving at Marivaldi's house:

As you make your way along the faintly-beaten path in the woods, and the ground begins to gently slope downwards, you come across a single storey stone building, with a sloping tiled roof, and a short, octagonal tower peering down on it from behind.

The manifestations of a declining mind

Due to Marivaldi’s deteriorating mind, his magical power has been bleeding out into the house. Magical objects and constructs have started to go haywire, and mundane objects can be physically altered due to Marivaldi’s cognition. This even extends to creatures inside the building. At various points when exploring the house (noted in the text), the warped and overbearing magic in the house causes the brain of any creature inside to weaken. When specified, the party must make a DC12 Wisdom Saving Throw. On a fail, the creature gains 1 level on the Mental Deterioration table, (with all creatures starting from 0):

LvlEffectNarrative/RP Advice
1Disadvantage on all Intelligence checks and saves“You find yourself starting to lose concentration easier. Trails of thought occasionally slip away from you, and some memories seem to dissipate just as you reach for them”
2Disadvantage on all Charisma checks and saves“You begin to feel small, even though your body remains the same. A little uncertainty starts to creep into your thoughts, as the world feels slightly less familiar”
3Disadvantage on all Wisdom checks and saves“Your senses are becoming unreliable. You’re not so much hallucinating as doubting what you do perceive. Everything looks and feels slightly…off”
4The player loses access to their character sheet. The only information they get about the character is the modifier for checks and saves, which the DM informs them of only when they need to roll. If they attempt to perform an action they cannot do (e.g. a spell they don’t have a spellslot for), they lose their action for that turn.“Your name is now one of the few things you’re certain of. You struggle to recall much of the training you’ve had in your life, the memories becoming blurry and indistinct. You surprise yourself when you hold the weapon/focus at your side, muscle memory guiding it, but when and how did you learn this?”
5The creature acts as if it were under the Confusion spell, except it lasts until the level of Mental Deterioration is reduced below 5.“It’s all too much. Who are you? Who are those around you? Do they mean you harm? What about everything else, is there hidden danger? It’s all too much…”
6The creature drops to 0hp and immediately starts making Death Saves. If they roll a 20 on a death save, they regain consciousness at 5 levels of Mental Deterioration.“Simultaneous sensory overload then numbness hit you, causing you to drop to the ground, your thoughts scrambled as your body struggles to maintain itself”

One level of Mental Deterioration is removed after a short rest, and all are removed after a long rest, but only when the rest is taken outside of the house. If a short rest is taken within the house, the party must perform another Wisdom Saving Throw for Mental Deterioration at the end of the rest. If a long rest is taken in the house, the party must make the save every 2 hours. A creature cannot have greater than 6 levels of Mental Deterioration. A cast of Lesser Restoration removes one level, while a cast of Greater Restoration removes all levels. If a creature falls unconscious, it loses 1 level of Mental Deterioration for every hour of unconsciousness, so long as they are outside of the house. They also lose 1 level if they are healed above 0HP.

House details

The outer walls of both the house and the tower are made of stone bricks and are of reasonable construction. The roof is slate tiled. There is a single chimney that sticks out of the roof just off-centre and splits between the dining room and study. The interior is wood and timber, and the ceiling is 8ft high uniformly. If at any point a party member casts Detect Magic, the whole house lights up with a multitude of fluctuating schools of magic, with bias towards illusion and transmutation where appropriate.

(1) Porch

The front of the main building is a worn porch, paint peeling and the wooden boards split in places. A single rocking chair creaks as it lists back and forth.

The porch has not been maintained in some while, though it is safe enough to walk across. The front door to the house is directly in front of the stairs, and it lies slightly ajar.

(2) Entrance hall

The front door swings open into a slightly dusty entry hall. Several coats are hung up on hooks to the left. To the right, and at the end of the hallway, are single doors.

Searching through the coats reveals 2 in particular that stick out: one slightly smaller and with floral embroidery, and the other around half the size of the rest. The door to the right leads to (3) and the door at the end of the hall leads to (4).

(3) Lounge

Sunlight beams through the windows of this lounge and gives the room a warm glow. A large, comfortable-looking couch sits against the north wall, with a small reading table next to it, a book placed in the centre. Opposite, in the corner, is a small wooden box.

When the party enters this room, have them do a Wisdom Save for Mental Deterioration. The couch is a little worn due to its age but still very nice to sit on. On top of the reading table is a single illustrated book, "Robin’s Rescue", a fairytale written for children:

Robin skipped gaily through the woods

Her basket full of sweet baked goods.

Her red coat caught on the branch of a tree

And unknown to her, a thread pulled free

Trailing behind her as she ran

On the way to see her dear Nan

She was not alone among the trees

For catching her scent were horrid beasts

Though far behind, they followed her

Their bellies rumbling with hunger

Closing in on her with every pace

As Robin approached her grandmother’s place

Dear granny saw her favourite grandchild

Skip down the path from a woodland so wild

And waved her from the bedroom window

But as she stood, she saw the shadow

Of a far-off beast, and she shouted down

“Hurry Robin, get in! And hide yourself now!”

The girl scrambled in and bolted the door

As the shadow in the woods became two more.

The trio bounded towards the cabin

And clawed at the door to try and get in.

Robin dived for a cupboard and hid quietly away

As the beasts broke the door and sniffed for their prey…

A lumberjack found the thread of the coat

And knowing the dangers in a place this remote

Followed it to the cabin, axe in hand

And burst through the doorway, swinging to land

His blade in the beasts, slaying all three

Setting Robin and her grandmother free.

As the party will later find, this is one of the few readable books in the house. Inside the box is a variety of children's toys. They haven't been disturbed in a while since Luisa outgrew them.

(4) Main hallway

Alternating sets of candle-lit sconces and group portraits line this long, rug-lined hallway, punctuated by 2 doors on both the east and west walls.

The candles are lit by a Continual Flame enchantment, though they periodically snuff themselves out, plunging the hallway into darkness, before re-lighting themselves moments later. If any of the party inspect the portrait paintings, which are of family members and ancestors of Marivaldi's, they will notice that all the faces are blurred and indistinct, to the point that any features are difficult to pick out. This includes the portrait of Marivaldi himself, along with his wife who passed over a decade ago, and a younger Donna. This is not an illusion; the paint itself has been distorted into this manner.

The doors on the west wall lead to (5) Kitchen and (7) Bathroom, and those on the east wall lead to (6) Dining Room and (8) Study, respectively.

(5) Kitchen

A musty smell hits you as you open the door into the kitchen. On the central table are a few pieces of mouldy, rotten food, and there's a scattering of plate fragments strewn over the floor. Slumped against the north wall are bags of flour, though the one on top appears to be torn open. Next to it is a large stone box with a heavy hinged lid. Across from this is a trap door next to some barrels of wine.

The barrels of wine have spoiled and now taste distinctly of vinegar. The trap door leads to a small cellar with further barrels of wine, all also spoiled. A DC 12 Intelligence (Investigation) or Wisdom (Survival) check reveals that the bag of flour has been bitten into. It was in fact Marivaldi who did this, in a moment of confusion, madness, and desperate hunger.

The stone box is magically enchanted and functions as a freezer, though the magic on it has gone awry. The box is noticeably cold to the touch, and any attempt to open it causes intensely cold air to pour from it. Any creature within 10ft of the box when it is opened must make a DC14 Constitution saving throw, taking 4d8 cold damage on a fail, and half on a success.

(6) Dining Room

A long table lined with numerous chairs dominates the space in this room. Cabinets filled with glassware dot the room, and in the centre of the north wall is a blazing fireplace. As you move into the room, whispers creep into your ear.

After taking a moment to concentrate, the party will be able to ascertain that the whispers are actually the faint sounds of conversations, though indistinct enough that they can only pick out the occasional words. These are in fact weak echoes of conversations that happened in this room, when Marivaldi was hosting parties or functions.

The furniture in the room is of good quality, though the tablecloth is a little worn. The table itself is conspicuously not laid, and the glassware in the cabinets is dusty.

(7) Bathroom

A wooden bath is opposite the door, standing on its own between the windows, its taps dully shining in the daylight. A mundane privy sits tucked away in the far corner, with a barrel of water situated adjacent.

The path fills by turning the taps, though it is not connected to any plumbing. Instead, it magically conjures water, and then destroys it via the sinkhole. However, the heat on the water is uncontrollable, and can fluctuate between incredibly hot and cold at a moment’s notice, even after it has been conjured from the tap. Anyone that spends a minute submerged in the water has a 25% chance of the water turning boiling, and a 25% chance of the water turning freezing, requiring a DC14 Constitution Save, taking 2d8 fire or cold damage (respectively) on a fail, or half on a success.

(8) Study

This large open room is adorned with several souvenirs and curios that Marivaldi has accumulated over his lifetime. The animal busts on the south wall twitch and shift slowly, noticing you with their glassy eyes, then turning towards the desk at the far end of the room. There appears to be someone sat in the chair, facing away from you.

The figure sat at the desk is in fact Donna (NG human commoner), daughter of Marivaldi and mother of Luisa. They do not respond to calls from the party, and only react when they attempt to physically disturb her, or move around to face her front. At this point, the party will see that her entire face has been warped into smooth, featureless skin. Once disturbed, she will rise from the chair and try to grab at the nearest person to her, in a desperate bid to get them to help her. The party must make a Wisdom Save for Mental Deterioration once they see Donna in this form.

Marivaldi’s magic caused Donna’s face to smooth over, suffocating her. Donna is dead, but her body is preserved by a continual magical effect akin to Gentle Repose. Her soul is trapped inside this form, and can puppet her body to a limited degree, though anything beyond the most basic of communication is very difficult for her. In order to save her, the party will need to suppress Marivaldi’s magic (see (14)) which undoes the warping of her face, then cast some sort of resurrection magic on her (revivify or higher). The Gentle Repose took effect from the moment of her death, and the 10 day duration timer starts the moment the magic is suppressed.

On the desk against the eastern wall are a series of letters, requesting a book from Marivaldi’s library. If you are using the Couriers for a Colleague hook, the characters will recognise this as correspondence from the former understudy of Marivaldi’s. The wizard has attempted to write replies multiple times in shaky, barely-legible handwriting, but all of them are incomplete. Also on the desk is Marivaldi’s Deck of Illusions, which requires a DC16 Intelligence (Investigation) check to discern the illusions. If a card is drawn from the deck while inside the house, the illusion does not obey the deck’s owner, and instead acts how its equivalent monster statblock suggests it should.

(9) Closet

As you approach the door, you can hear shuffling and scratching noises coming from beyond it.

Inside the closet is a rolled up rug and a Broom of Animated Attack. The broom was enchanted to clean the house by itself, but due to the warping of the magic in the house, it now only obsessively sweeps the same spot in the middle of the closet, where there is now a worn patch in the floorboards.

(10) Familiar Room

A wall of stench hits you as you open the door to this room. A mixture of damp, rotten offal, and faeces. The room appears to be thoroughly wrecked, with a broken birdcage and collapsed enclosures amongst torn rugs and drapes.

This room once housed Marivaldi’s pets that he used as familliars, but long-term neglect has unfortunately resulted in all of them passing away. When one of the players walks to the centre of the room, gigantic and terrifying spectres of the dead familliars attack the party in a surprise round. Exaggerated versions of a Panther, Dire Wolf, and Giant Eagle all attack in a surprise round. As soon as one of these creatures takes damage, they “die”, and the corpse of a cat, dog, and parrot (respectively) drop down onto the floor. The room’s dimensions seem to bulge and contract around the three beasts, reconciling the difference between their apparent size, and the size of the original familliars.

Exiting out of the door in the northwest corner, a bridge outside stretches across the sloping ground and connects to the octagonal tower, with a heavy stone door that opens into (11).

(11) Library

This dark and slightly musty room is only lit by the tiny amount of light that can break through the thick curtains stifling the windows. Bookshelves maze their way throughout this octagonal space, mostly stacked but with the occasional haphazard pile. In the north end of the room is an area boxed off by smooth stone walls.

When the players enter the library, have them roll for a Wisdom Save for Mental Deterioration. This library is full of books that Marivaldi has collected over his lifetime, including ones that he wrote himself. If a player opens and inspects a book, they will find that the pages inside appear to be blank. Even with those that Marivaldi wrote himself, the text is incomplete, with sentences frequently ending abruptly, and ideas only being half-explained. If you used the Couriers for a Colleague hook, the book can be found in the library, and is also affected as above. Some possible titles for this book (or others in the collection) include:

“Turning Water into Wine into Wood: The Minutiae of Transmutation”

“A Bestiary and Detailed Dissection of Dragons”

“The Fine Art of Mimicry: Auditory Devilries”

On top of one of the piles of books is a large, dogeared copy of “Robin’s Rescue” (see (3) Lounge). This book is notable for several reasons: it’s age and poor condition are in contrast to all the other books; the text is fully preserved and legible; and there are multiple childish scribbles found throughout the pages. This was in fact a book that Marivaldi himself adored in his childhood, and as a parent, and then grandparent, endeavoured to share with his family.

The stone door in the north is supposed to open out into the stairwell, but instead when one of the characters opens it, it leads into the fairytale land in which “Robin’s Rescue” is set.

(12) Inside “Robin’s Rescue”

The stone door opens out into a vast alpine woods, distinct from that which surrounds Marivaldi’s house. The trees seem to stretch endlessly in all directions, and a chilly breeze sweeps past you, fluttering your clothes. From the other side, the doorway is isolated in space, allowing you to peer back through to the library.

*Note there is no map for this area. Running this area as theatre-of-the-mind helps emphasise the not-quite-reality of this fairytale brought to life*

Once the party members are all fully through the door into this world, the stone door swings shut and the doorway disappears completely. If the party recognises that that they are in the world of “Robin’s Rescue”, then there is no roll required to find the red thread caught on a nearby tree. Otherwise, it takes a DC13 Intelligence (Investigation) check or 10 minutes of searching the nearby area to find it. Any attempt to run elsewhere in the woods eventually leads to the party looping back seamlessly to where they started.

Following the thread leads them to granny’s wooden cabin, where the door has already been broken, and shadows prowl around inside. Granny’s bedroom is in the third floor attic space, but she is not at the window currently. Entering the cabin, the downstairs area is a roughly 20 by 30ft kitchen and living room, with a table in the centre and several cabinets in the kitchen. 3 snarling bipedal beasts (each with the statblock of a werewolf but without the bludgeoning/piercing/slashing immunity) are on the hunt, and will attack the moment they spot the characters.

Once the beasts are defeated, searching the cabinets reveals a scared Luisa, curled up and hiding. Thanking the players for rescuing her, she’ll explain that she became trapped here after fleeing in terror from her transformed mother. Her memory of events is hazy, but she knows that something is very wrong with her grandfather, occasionally hearing screams and anguished moans coming from upstairs in the cabin.

It’s possible to rest in the fairytale world and gain the full benefits (i.e. losing a level of mental deterioration on a short rest), as this world is shielded from the direct influence of Marivaldi’s mind. If any of the party were infected during the fight, however, taking a long rest will cause the lycanthropy curse to take effect as if it were a full moon. When the party decides to move up the stairs in the cabin, they will open the door out into (13).

(13) Laboratory and Experiment room

The floorboards creak as you open the wooden cabin door and walk through, but the room inside is stone-walled and octagonal, and in front of you are several tables displaying an array of implements and components, many of which are broken. The noises of the forest fade out as your ears adjust to the near-silence of the tower. A desk strewn with notes sits against the south wall.

Going through the doorway returns the party, and Luisa, to the real world. With the return to the real world, any lingering lycanthropy disappears. Once the whole party are through and the door is closed, the fairytale world becomes inaccessible and the door only leads to and from the tower. If someone travels down the stairwell, however, they will find that the stone door has smoothed over and blended into the wall, making the library inaccessible.

The intact reagents and components strewn across the tables seem to slowly flux in colour and properties. A handful of sealed bottles are amongst the apparatus, and there is a 25% chance it contains a healing potion, 25% chance of a random poison of less than 250GP value (see Dungeon Master’s Guide p257-258), and 50% chance it’s foul tasting but inert. On the table next to the desk is Marivaldi’s spellbook, which contains all the spells an Archmage can cast (perhaps with some replaced with illusion or transmutation spells), however so long as the spellbook is in the house, the spells are indecipherable.

As the party investigates the room, they hear a cry of terror and anguish come from the room above. Luisa will refuse to join the party upstairs if they ask her, as she’s terrified of being harmed, after seeing what happened to her mother.

(14) Marivaldi’s Bedroom

Climbing the stairwell upwards, it seems to grow darker until you reach the wooden door at the top. The door opens out into a giant and unnaturally dim room, despite the curtains apparently being wide open. Wardrobes, dressers, and tables all tower down from the edges of the room. In the centre is a humongous, four-poster bed that stands so high off the ground it would necessitate climbing. A thin, frail figure shuffles under the covers and sits up to turn towards you, his beard wild and wispy, his piercing white eyes sunken into his face. His arm trembles as it rises to point at you.
“Who are you?!”
The dimensions of this room are seemingly doubled in size, with the map scale shifting to 10ft per square, and all the furniture scaling with it. The room is lit entirely in dim light, despite the daylight outside. Should Marivaldi’s magic be suppressed (see the next section), the room contracts to normal 5ft per square scale, and the room brightens to natural light.

Marivaldi is sitting in the bed. His figure is now very thin and frail, malnourished from struggling to feed himself, but he moves sharply in his terror. His mind is sadly very degraded at this point, and he will struggle to fully understand anything the party says to him, frequently forgetting what he had just heard. He will see the party as invaders that are here to harm him, and any charisma-based skill checks to appease him will work for a few seconds, at best, before it passes from his mind. If they approach too close to the bed, he will attack them indiscriminately.

Suppressing Marivaldi’s Magic

Marivaldi is distressed and confused, with few memories available, having forgotten even his own family at this point. However, there is at least one memory lodged deep in his mind that remains: his favourite childhood fairytale, “Robin’s Rescue”. If the party has kept either copy of the book with them, they can read the fairytale to him. While he won’t recognise it immediately, as the story goes on he becomes progressively calmer and less distressed, sometimes mumbling along with the words. With the terror subsiding, warm memories of his younger years will flood back, and he’ll slowly lie back on the bed. As the story finishes, the old wizard finds peace for the first time in many months, and he gently passes.

If the party doesn't have the book and cannot recall the story, there are several other methods to suppress the various active magical effects on the house, including the door at the bottom of the stairwell. As Marivaldi’s mental deterioration is naturally-caused, no amount of healing spells will undo the damage, however a Calm Emotions spell will calm him enough for the magic to go down for the duration of the spell, potentially giving the party enough time to flee with Luisa and Donna in tow. Any spell that would transport Marivaldi away from the house also works. Any attack or ability that causes Marivaldi to fall unconscious suppresses the magic for as long as he remains unconscious. Finally, killing him permanently ends the magic pervading the house.

Marivaldi has the statblock of an Archmage, except they have 80hp and only have access to their cantrips (noting that a 17th-level spellcaster does 4d10 fire damage with firebolt and 4d8 lightning damage with shocking grasp). Though he doesn’t understand his own abilities, his terror also allows him to force the party to do a Wisdom Save for Mental Deterioration as a bonus action every turn.


If Marivaldi survives and the party remains concerned for his wellbeing, or his family come back to the party asking for help, the mages’ guild from the nearest city will be able to take him into their care, either at his house or transported to a more suitable dwelling. This could be facilitated through the understudy in the Courier for a Colleague hook. If he dies as a result of fighting, the family will be upset but understanding, considering the danger he had become to himself and others, and will part ways with the party to make funeral arrangements. The party will be able to pick up their rewards from the relevant quest-givers regardless.

If Donna has not yet been cured, the party will have 10 days to find a way before she begins to decay. Assuming they cannot cast any resurrection spells themselves, the party should seek out a large church or holy order to perform the relevant services instead. You may decide that this situation is too complex to be solved by a simple revivify, and you may have the party go on a further quest to collect rare and specialised components within the time limit.


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