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Fellow DMs,

I would like to share a Google Spreadsheet I created for homebrewing custom units for Kingdoms and Warfare Rule System by MCDM. If you haven't had a chance- I highly suggest checking it out.


How to use-

Step 1) Under the toolbar at the top click File -> Make a Copy to create your own spreadsheet to edit/ect.

The Unit Card on the first tab on the left is auto calculated from the tables/formulas to the right.

Type– Click the drop down arrow to the right of the orange boxes to change.

Cost Calculator– Calculated from the Cost and Upkeep section below- you can adjust this by changing the numbers in the orange boxes

Trait Calculator– Calculated by summing all the traits to the right. You can adjust their weight by adjusting the Traits Mod orange box

Traits– The Ancestries and Mount Traits are automatically generated from your type selections.

Custom Traits– Click the drop down arrow to the right of the orange boxes to add a Trait.

Stats– The Final stats are reflected on the unit card, you can adjust by changing the orange Mod box to the right of them. (This will affect the tier level)

Size– Click the arrow on the drop box to change its size.

You can ignore the rest of this tab unless you would like to fine tune it- which I recrommend!

Ancestries Tab– Change any of the orange boxes to alter the Ancestry.

Adding a Ancestry- Insert a row in the Ancestries column (Don't do it at the top or bottom, somewhere in the middle.. unless you know how to change data validation- then be your bad self). Then Fill in every column in the new row with your new race! Leaving a blank will break formulas. Then you can go back to the first tab and select your new ancestry from the pull down box.

Mount Tab– works like the Ancestries tab

Traits Tab– You- the DM need to look over and change to your desire. I've removed the description because I don't want to spoil the book.

Bonus vs Penalty – Be sure to select if it aids your unit or not- this will back the final number positive or negative.

How often usable– select how often the ability will be used in combat.

How powerful– select how powerful you believe the ability is.

Adding a Trait- Insert and new row, copy the blue formulas from another row into this one (it will break the sheet if you leave blanks), and put in your information into the other boxes.

Printing the Unit Card-Drag and highlight the unit card, then file->print. Select the "Print Area Highlighted" option and then print to PDF or a printer.

I created this spreadsheet to empower DMs to fudge/alter/adjust homebrewed units- everything in orange is meant for you to change and adjust for your own balance and play style. The formulas in blue and purple tables are not complicated and can hopefully be adjusted as well.

DISCLAIMER! Kingdoms and Warfare is a pseudo wargame- it can be competitive- the official units included has been play tested and finely adjusted by a dedicated group of play testers. Only through experience with the rules can one get a feel for the balance the game design creates- a balance that personally I won't worry much about. Warhammer 40k is a wargame, but does not have rules for unit creation- K&W designers came to the same realization when creating the rules. Wargames do not mix well with spreadsheet, you cannot create a perfect solution. One of those play testers were kind enough to look at the spreadsheet and found that it does not conform with the Official Units. I am happy that I was able to achieve something close, but the real power in the spreadsheet is being able to fudge/alter/fix it.


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