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(Mechanics) Character Duo Concept (and a purposfuo attempt to ruin combat)

Content of the article: "(Mechanics) Character Duo Concept (and a purposfuo attempt to ruin combat)"

My friends and I are about to start a two man campaign, and as more of a joke than anything I was challenged to break combat. So I began to think of two classes that together would make a variety of combat encounters significantly less fun, and this is what I came up with.

The duo really comes together at level 8, but afterwards it just scales as you gain more and more stacking buffs onto it. Plus the build is an Oathbreaker Paladin and a Necromancer Wizard, so it isn’t some weird multiclass combo that wouldn’t work until certain milestones.

You have a Necromancer Wizard and an Oathbreaker Paladin. The Paladin is a Variant Human with Polearm Master and Sentinel. The Wizard uses his 3rd and 4th level spell slots to animate 9 Skeletons with Animate Undead, which then stand perpindicular and behind the paladin (but within 10 feet). While within 10 feet of the Oathbreaker the skeletons gain the Paladin’s Charisma bonus to Damage, and since the summoner is a Necromancer they gain the Wizards Proficiency bonus to damage. Any time a creature walks within 10 feet of the Paladin, he uses his glaive to make an attack of opportunity and if he hits their speed is reduced to 0. The Wizard then uses his bonus action to command them to make Shortbow attacks against the target, which each one deals 1d6+2+3(Wizard Proficiency Bonus)+3(we’ll say the Paladin has a 16 Charisma). So 9 Skeletons do 9d6+72 damage (if they all hit, which isn’t COMPLETELY out of the question).

All of this is at level 8, and it gets better as the Wizard can summon more Skeletons, the proficiency bonus of the Wizard and charisma of the Paladin increase, and eventually the Paladins Aura increases allowing more Skeletons.

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What are everyones thoughts? I would love some advice to break it further. The only thing I want is to try and find a way to increase the attack bonus of the skeletons, to make them more consistent. The only idea I have had as of yet is to get a bunch of +1 bows and give them a +5 to hit, which isn’t TERRIBLE but would be really cool to break further


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