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Mimics as a PC

I've been reading a lot about mimics, and I find them fascinating. So much so, that I find myself dreaming up ideas for how a mimic could join a party..

Although I know of a player who had a tiny mimic that he had trained to do things, i want to up the ante a bit.

Think about a mimic that has gained some intellect from years of observation, slaying wayward adventurers and becoming curious, or an ettempt at making one domesticated failed, leading to a wandering mimic in search of purpose.

I could possibly see this as a real thing, but it would be a serious stretch.

I could see a few interesting ways a mimic could join a party.

A sorcerer is exploring a cave and gets trapped by a mimic, the mimic immobilized the sorcerer, and, inadvertently saved the sorcerers life. The mimic was simply trying to keep the sorcerer from scaring away its favorite prey, a specific species of cave rat, and had every intention to release the sorcerer, but its actions and rudimentary intellect leads to it being treated as equal. It can, of course take any medium form, but while walking with the party into populated areas, it understands to mimic a person, although it doesn't fully understand why. As time goes on, it learns and is able to understand what the PCs do and why they do things. A mimic can eat and drink and carry on conversation (to a limited degree), as long as the conversation is not highly intelligent, the mimic can interact, albeit in a limited fashion.

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While traveling with the party, the mimic is forced into combat as the adventurers encounter hostile creatures. The mimic can use its naturally tough skin and sticky pseudopods, along with its impressive jaws to deal damage, and, as an added bonus, it gets to eat the slain enemies, although some adventurers may be heavily opposed.

This can also lead to interesting, and possibly infuriating side quests. Imagine that the mimic eats a dead goblin, who happened to be wearing a much needed item, say, a key, or an enchanted gem. The mimic, driven by natural instinct, fails an intelligence check, and, consumed by primal urge, devours the fallen goblin in seconds, along with the key. There is a druid that can possibly retrieve the item from within the mimic that lives in the forest nearby, the mimic agrees to help and joins the party as it means more food.

I can see this as being an interesting experience, but I wanted to know what you fine folks think.

Can a mimic be a part of a party?

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