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Cheers to another one of these threads.

You can have a powerful character who's also good at RP. Having a character who is incapable of walking without assistance doesn't suddenly make them the paragon of character design.

I'm really sick of the train of thought that "noooo you can't have a Hexblade Paladin because they'll have no personality! The only way to make a character who's fun to RP is to make them a Wizard / Barbarian / Monk multiclass with a -3 in Constitution!" Character flaws are fun and combat flaws (such as a character who hits like a truck but is made of tissue paper, or a character who can survive anything but barely does any damage) can also be fun, but there's a fine line between a flawed character and a character who you have to wonder how they didn't die by stubbing their toe in the morning.

A Paladin who asked for aid from a higher power to serve their oath. (Paladin / Warlock) A Cleric who seeks to further their bond with the natural world that the gods put them in. (Cleric / Druid) A Warlock who gains their own innate magical potential due to the influence of their patron. (Warlock / Sorcerer) Anyone spending some time to learn how to properly defend themselves (Fighter dip) or maneuver around without being harmed (Rogue dip.) These are all interesting backstories with potential story hooks that come from some of the most infamously powerful multiclass dips. I have plenty of friends who have made amazing characters out of "minmaxy" builds who we all enjoyed playing with and whose characters I remembered fondly. But whenever I mention "we have a Hexblade Paladin in our party" or "our Barbarian took a dip into Champion" I immediately get people telling me I should kick those people out of my group because they're going to "ruin the game by minmaxing."

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Roleplay and combat aren't mutually exclusive. You can have an amazing character who's a Hexblade or a Totem Barbarian the same way you can have an amazing character who's a Champion Fighter or a Cleric with a -2 to Wisdom. And inversely your Grappler Artificer isn't going to suddenly be exciting if you respond to everything with a deadpan expression and speak out-of-character three-fourths of the time. So please don't tell people who ask for ways to improve certain subclasses or guides on how to make a strong build that they're "playing D&D wrong" by wanting to do more than 5 damage per round by level 10.

Oh and also: it's completely fine for someone to be less capable at roleplay than you. There's nothing wrong with having a generic character who doesn't have much personality but is very good in combat. Ultimately the most important thing is that the characters shouldn't take away from other players' fun; if everyone is enjoying themselves who cares that Timmy's Fighter never talks to NPCs, or that Spike's Wizard can barely throw a Fireball? Let people play the game and as long as their table is having fun who are you to say that their fun is wrong?

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