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“Mirror of Life Trapping” makes a great all-purpose “trap” and encounter that works for any group of any level.

Content of the article: "“Mirror of Life Trapping” makes a great all-purpose “trap” and encounter that works for any group of any level."

So your players are exploring an abandoned Wizards Tower, as players are wont to do, and you're looking for an encounter to spice things up but have problems figuring out what sort of monsters would logically occupy the 2nd sub-basement of a tower abandoned for six hundred years. Well look no further than here:


The wizard put a Mirror of Life Trapping in one room and activated it. Later, monsters or bandits or whatever broke in, and got trapped. Now when your players walk into the room, they see movement in the mirror that's not a reflection of movement in the room so investigate. One or more failed charisma saves later, and some of the party are now trapped in the extra-dimensional cells with no way to escape.

It's best to figure out a way to make one player immune to being trapped. Maybe the owner of the mirror programmed it not to trap other wizards, perhaps, or members of his bloodline, or other members of his arcane order. Perhaps he was just a terrible racist and programmed it not to trap humans. Or maybe the 12 cells already have <13 minus the number of party members> occupants so if all of your players fail their saves, the first player gets shunted out when the last player gets pulled inside.

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Either way, you now have some party members trapped inside the mirror and some in the room who don't know the keyword to free them. The only way to free their friends is to break the mirror and that's when the fun begins.

The trapped party members and the intruders who were captured by the mirror centuries earlier all spill out into the room, leading to a fun fight.

And the good thing about this encounter is that it works for every level. If your party is level 1, the mirror is full of trapped bandits. If they are level 6 (as my party was) there was a Salamander and some Magmins in there. If they're level 20, the mirror has a Pit Fiend locked inside. You can tailor it to suit your party, and it doesn't even have to fit the environment. Hell, the Wizard could have bought the mirror on a different continent or another plane, and brought it to that location with some strange exotic beast or extra-planar entity inside.

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